Ripple Fragrances Pvt. Ltd is a division of the NR Group - with headquarters at Mysore. The NR Group was established in 1948 and is the market leader in incense sticks with its flagship brand "Cycle".

The NR Group is vertically integrated in the fragrance domain. It is one of the few Indian marketing companies that creates and blends its perfumes in-house. NESSO, a subsidiary of the NR Group, manufactures floral and herbal extracts. It is a global market share leader in Tuberose and Jasmine extracts.

Building on the Group's competence in fragrance creation, Ripple Fragrances has forayed into the personal care and air care segment in India. In personal care, it has launched deodorants and perfumes under the brand name DNA.

In air care, Ripple Fragrances has introduced a plethora of offerings under the Iris and Lia brands. Lia offers spatial fragrancing solutions for the home, office and mobile space. Iris harnesses the power of Aromacology to provide wellbeing through novel delivery systems.


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