IPSA BUSINESS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, feels proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Building & Architectural Hardware Manufacturing Company. We offer a wide range of products and serve all kinds of market segments, whether national or international. It has been over 4 decades since we have been dealing in Brass Door & Window Hardware (Door Locks & Handles), and Complete Aluminium & Stainless Steel Fitting Series.

In order to meet today’s emerging demands of customers, we have lately expanded by diversifying in various categories. IPSA has a full range of Intelligent Lock/Digital Lock Series that consists of Finger Print/ Biometric Locks, Keypad/ Password Locks & Hotel Locks/ RF Card Locks, together with Personal/ Electronic/ Hotel Safes. We ensure that only the latest and best technology is offered.

IPSA provides complete solutions for all ranges like Security & Access Control solutions, Door & Window Hardware solutions, Hotel Security solutions, Glass solutions, and Furniture Fitting solutions to cater to the following segments:

Real Estate
Government & Private Projects
Commercial Projects
Architectural & Interior Design Projects
Hotels & Luxury Apartments
Dealers & Distributors
Offices, Homes, Villas & Residences
Malls & Shopping Complexes
IT Parks

To suit every taste and pocket, our products go beyond the luxury and niche segment to the commercial range of hardware solutions. Keeping in mind all the international standards, specifications and certifications (ISO, ISI, BSI, CE, FCC, ANSI and others), our production facilities are equipped with advanced machinery that is operated by highly qualified and skilled experts. A separate quality department has been employed at every stage of production to provide the top-notch products for our valuable customers.

We are currently serving a large section of the society including over 500 dealers all over the country. We serve many prestigious clients namely DLF, Omaxe, Unitech, Reliance, Bharti-Walmart, Airtel, HDFC Banks, Parsvnath, ITC and many others. We have also aligned ourselves with well-renowned architects; hence we are on the path of expansion.

At present, we export our products to UK, Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal, Africa, South-east Asia, Singapore and Thailand. Dealings with other countries are also in the offing.

We shall be obliged to furnish any information or queries you shall have.

The IPSA group is a name that carries decades of experience, nurturing a team with highly technical skills. We have redefined excellence in Architectural and Builder's Hardware, which is designed with passion and made to perfection. We manufacture products with the finest quality raw materials to ensure a long-lasting finish.

In addition to IPSA, our group has two sister concerns according to different product ranges:

Pioneer Industries:  It is basically concerned with the commercial range that includes commercial Aluminium fittings to all kind of Brass, Zinc, M.S., and Glass fittings. Thus it fulfills the day to day commercial requirements of builders as well as residential requirements of the Middle Income Segment at the best possible prices.

Suraj Industries: It caters to the M.S. Hinges needs of Indian as well as foreign companies.

The product range consists of Mild Steel Butt Hinges, Parliament Hinges, Tee Hinges, Half Round Parliament Hinges, Stone Hinges, and Heavy Butt Hinges.


Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and innovations in our business, and building good customer relations.


We strive to be a trustworthy company that is one of the best in the international hardware industry and a preferred supplier for all segments. We also aim to be a forward-looking company; one that promotes a great work environment, and reliability for our stakeholders.


Our passion is to serve more and more people, with better products and services each day, and to grow and expand in various other sectors under our brand name.

Quality Assurance

Our locks have passed the following standards:
Our products also conform to the following international chemical and physical tests:
  • Single rub acetone test :- 2500 +
  • Pencil Hardness :- 4h +
  • Normal Salt spray test per ASTM B117 - 500 Hrs. +
  • Abrasion Test :- 18+ (litres sand)
    (As per Astm D968 using ottawa Sand)
  • UV Light Resistanse
    (Using UV B 313 tubes 2 hosts UV at 60c)
    Less than E 2.0 at 500 Hrs. (Complete fade is equivalent to approx. E20)
  • Sweat test (ASN/BHMA test + USA specification) 4+

ISO 9001:2008 certified company
Tailor made as per Customer Requirements


We are committed to improving the quality of life of the community we serve by following all the labour laws and using safe and secure technologies at work. We believe in paying back to society from whatever we earn and for this our management is continuously involved in social practices and donations, not only to gain our customers, employees and other stakeholders' trust in us, but also to fulfill our social responsibility.

Core Team

IPSA thinks that people are the bricks and mortars on which successful companies are built. Thus we value our employees as much as our customers.

Working with highly professional people, IPSA brings quality in whatever we do. Modern methods of training & development are being followed to sharpen the skills of the technicians so as to get better productivity from men, materials & machines. It has taken almost two very eventful years in Human Resource Development to bring out a great qualitative work force.

IPSA expert Door Architectural Solutions and Locking systems.
IPSA is one of the leading door hardware manufacturing companies in India. IPSA products are designed to meet the high end needs of consumers belonging to all income groups. Ease of use, design, high security and quality are the four major aspects that make IPSA a preferable brand.

From simple hardware solutions in homes, to high security solutions in hotels, offices, industries, schools, hospitals etc., our products are designed to make your life safer, securer and more comfortable.

With an open mind, and creativity, your hardware can produce results much above your expectations. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a some security tips which will help in proper maintenance and better life of your hardware products.

Home Solutions

We understand the importance of the security and privacy of your home. Locks and security systems for residential purposes must offer protection against burglary and theft, but at the same time should be user-friendly.

Keeping this in mind we have a wide range of locking solutions to suit residences of all types ranging from apartment houses to private villas. What's more is that you can match our locks to suit the d'cor of your apartment.

  • Main Door Locking Solutions
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Back Door Solution
  • For Kitchen
  • For Drawers and Cabinets
  • For Windows
  • For Hinges

Hotels & Hospitality

While allowing for security, the hospitality sector needs a welcoming entry point that is attractive and gives comfort to the visitor. Our accessories for entrances of the hospitality sector have the following products:
  • Main Entrance
  • Guest Room
  • Bathroom
  • Exit
  • Elevator / Lift
  • Real Time Scanning of Door operation

Public Facility Locks & Transportation

The customer comes first, and his comfort and safety are at the core of any public service facility. A lock and security solution for a public facility should enhance the experience of the visitor while keeping the facility, its visitors and people working there safe and secure.

Our customers in the public facilities segment are sports arenas, concert halls, museums, government facilities and door opening solutions for public transportation facilities such as airports, train stations and subway stations. These solutions ensure safety and convenience for the large volumes of people passing through every day.

Due to the sheer volumes of people in public places, security becomes an important issue. Keeping ease of use, security, and customer satisfaction at the core of our product design, we bring to you a range that includes options for main entrances, general doors, lockers, emergency exits and others. Applications for this segment can range from access control to a high-security area or mechanical locks for outdoor utilities units that are exposed to all types of weather conditions.

  • Main Entrance
  • Inside Public Area
  • Lockers
  • Emergency Exit

Education: Schools & Colleges

A secure environment is of primary importance to school security. Respect for privacy and, security is important, but equally or even more so is accessibility and ease of use to students who come from all age groups. Thus, keeping in mind the operational needs of the academic environment and safety of students and staff, our solutions for the education industry include options for main gate, general doors, cabinets and drawers, restricted access to areas such as labs and libraries and others.

Our new biometric attendance machine allows secure access to the students and teachers by recording their finger impression, thus restricting any type of unauthorized access. It also helps in maintaining attendance records of teachers and students.

Our solutions for the education industry include:

  • Main Door and Doors
  • Cabinets

Office Solutions

The office is a place where people spend majority of their time building their career. The protection of sensitive business information is of utmost importance. Because of this, office buildings and corporate environments call for a high level of security

While being welcoming and accessible, the workplace is one where you need to record discipline as much as quality of work and productivity. Besides the ease of use and convenience, these spaces need to handle a flow of people with varying access permissions throughout the day,

In the past few decades, security guards were hired to guard these places, but still the places remained unsecured. To overcome this problem electronic security devices have been introduced to completely secure this important world. Thus offices can include solutions for main entrances like physical access using smart cards or biometric fingerprint recording attendance machines for authorized entry, general doors and windows, restricted access in some office rooms or conference rooms using smart cards, cabinets and drawer solutions, emergency exits and others.

Our solutions for the commercial sector include:

  • Main Door
  • Internal Doors

Industry Solution

The Industrial sector includes mines, power stations, big manufacturing units and large distribution centrals. The requirements of security for all these vary according to the nature , size and area of operation.

With a variety of industrial needs we realize that the critical needs of this sector are security, as well as safety. Our hardware range has at its core these two facets as the building blocks of our industry solution range.

Our ranges comprises of solutions for big entrance gates, general entry doors, restricted area entrance devices, windows, cabinets and drawers, emergency exits and others, thus matching the requirements for all types of industries.

  • Internal Doors

Health Care

Any health care facility needs to reassure the visitor with its ambience. Comfort and safety is the core of any health care facility. Keeping ease of use, security, and customer satisfaction at the core of our product design, we bring to you a range that includes solutions ranging for doors which can handle large volumes of people passing through it, to restricted entry zones. Besides this, door accessories for general doors, windows, drawers, cabinets and others ensure convenience of use.

Our products helps to ensure a clean and safe environment with anti-bacterial surfacing on door hardware, hermetic door sealing for sterile environments and panic exit devices for emergency exits.

  • Main Entrance

Important Milestones

2012 - Powerbrands Rising Star Award for the industry: For Fastest growing company in the industry as a Brand: Chosen By Indian Consumers PAN-India.
2012 - Rising Entrepreneur of the year: Mr Anil Kumar Aggarwal for the Industry
2008 - Quality Excellence award given by Minister of Corporate Affairs
2007 - CMD Awarded as Self-Made Industrialist by Institute of Trade and Industrial Developments
2005 - Takeover a Hinges Manufacturing Company in Punjab
2000 - Company Born under the name IPSA