In the year 1975 came into existence, in Delhi, a firm of interior decorators and furnishers offering turnkey interior fit outs.
The firm was called Office Equipment, employing only 6 people. The challenges were tremendous, as there were already a number of firms offering interior works. It was then decided that besides furniture, interior decoration should be all comprehensive which included turn key projects. This included interior design, manufacture of furniture and also execution of electrical, civil, and air conditioning works.

To cater to this multi discipline, people had to be hired. Office equipment was growing. Customers were delighted that under one roof, they could avail the services of interior decoration, interior designing, and implementation. It did not end here, a factory was set up in Delhi and manufacture of in house furniture began.

As interior projects started coming from out stations as far flung as Assam, growth was inevitable. Today Office Equipment employs almost 200 people, offering turnkey interiors, manufacture of furniture, services as varied as electrical and air-conditioning.

Personal Details
F-28 Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi, India - 110016

Phone:+91 9810033557

Founded: 1975