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Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Area: 0.11 Million Sq.Ft.

Client: Echelon - Interglobe

Project Completed: 2012

The Interglobe headquarters consists of 2 7-level towers, meeting at a linear courtyard. At the ground level an internal street connects the arrival zone to a Zen garden at the rear. Amenities like caf, fitness centre & training rooms are arranged along the street fostering convenient circulation and access as well as avenues for informal interactions. The design is cognizant of the extreme climate of the region and articulation of form purposefully promotes 'self-shading', cross ventilation as well as interesting visual interplay of 'light & shadow'.With its minimal and strong lines, high degree of transparency, restricted material palette of exposed concrete and glass and a subtle balance of colour and texture, the project will have high visibility and will emerge as a landmark development in Gurgaon.