Inpod create, install, modular and portable structure with the help of German technology. They use a building material called as inskin to make durable structures by saving time and money. There are many building materials that are used by architects that delay the project. Inskin helps those architects to finish the work as soon as possible. They have a team of experts from marine and aviation industries to make the structure durable and effective. Inskin brings looks and quality in the structure which was only found in luxury yachts at time. With unbelievable features and unmatched quality they are striving forward in the market.

At inpod, they believe that life should be as simple as it possibly can, without having to compromise on pleasure. Hence optimising "user experience" through simplicity has been their quest from the beginning.

  1. To involve varied stakeholders as well as general public in the cause their technology as a simple solution to all.
  2. To produce world-class products and services adhering to international quality standards.

They designed inskin material using German technology. This material is made from a unique composite building system with expertise from aviation and marine industries. The surface coating consists of PU paint system with visible as well as non visible materials which yields extreme robustness and a beautiful surface. Each step during the processing is monitored by the experts to insure elegant feel, stunning looks and flawless finish.


All those locations that were impossible to build with the help of pods are now easily accessible. The onsite installation does not require too much effort and time because of the plug and play nature.