One of the most significant distributors as well as importers of Kebao accessible floor systems across India is Inner Space. They have been operating in India since 2000 as a renowned interiors firm in Mumbai. They possess extra ordinary infrastructure for warehousing, material distribution and contracting which is specifically being managed by their expert professionals in terms of technical support for back up and installation. Some of the distinctive fields in which they are emerged include raised systems of flooring, access flooring systems, cavity floors, activities of access flooring with false ceiling and false flooring and various others turnkey jobs. They have a widespread network of authorized distributors as well as dealers in India and its neighboring countries to ensure convenient availability of products along with their installation services. They are entirely committed in serving superior quality access flooring systems at highly competitive pricing to their valuable customers. At present, they are serving the specific demands of power, telecom, software and various other sectors.

Being the sole distributor as well as importer of KEBAO access flooring systems in India, they have also introduced the outstanding toilet cubicles idea in Indian market. They have been serving a huge customer base since 2000 which comprises of both medium scale as well as large scale companies including refinery, telecom, finance, software, telecom, power and various other engineering sectors.

Quality / Certification:

The major advantage of using KEBAO access flooring system is that they offer perfect flat look along with dimensional stability as well as accurate lining and leveling. The characteristic features of this unique flooring system include protection from electrostatic discharge, non combustible, fire proof, resistance from high wear, increased loading capacity, anti static properties, easy to install, long lasting and interchangeability.

All these features have resulted in gaining the certification of ISO 9001. All their products are manufactured according to the various international standards which include MOB from UK, CISCA from USA as well as SJ/T10976 2001 of P.R. from China. They have also received approval from the electronic industry center for quality checking of Electrostatic discharge protecting products. The best part about the Kebao flooring systems is that they possess permanent strength with the help of advanced techniques used in their beadings and laminations.