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Infosys, China Hang Zhou

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

This Complex of residential and commercial buildings is located in hangzhou in China; on a square shaped plot spread over 76 acres. The complex has entrances from 4 sides and a ring road that traverses over the entire development. From the main entranceway, one moves into the grand promenade, with flags of various nations, which is intended to signify the global presence of infosys corporation. The inner sphere comprises of the commercial development of software blocks. At the end of the promenade and just inside the inner periphery of the circle is the grand 392 m conical shaped tower that is the focus of the complex. The 6-storey high, sloping semicircular software development blocks border the circular zone. The ground-level of these towers house administration, conference customer services, employee care centres and food courts. The circle includes a grand 25 acres of centrally landscaped garden, which includes playgrounds, amphitheatre and a mini golf course.