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Urban Market Street
Urban Market Street

Location: Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Area: 30,000 Sq. M

Client: Naya Raipur Development Authority

An urban proposal for a street market complex, the retail facility primarily comprises of a central spine With traditional bazaars, which is flanked on either sides by high-end retail and commercial development.

The central spine, with a lively area buzzing with traditional bazaars reflects the local flavour of Raipur with all sorts of exotic crafts, antiques and collectables for sale.Adjacent to the central spine is a row of up-market showrooms and retail outlets.

The upper two floors are designed to house commercial development consisting of restaurants and offices. The spine flowing through the entire length of the street consists of various cultural and recreational activities, making a one-stop destination offering a wholesome experience for retail, relaxation, and entertainment.