At IndiPix Gallery, we are focused entirely on solving the challenges faced by galleries and interior designers when it comes to sourcing appropriate artwork for their projects. Rather than spending increasing amounts of time searching for artworks and then dealing with artists, fine art printers, framers, etc. you can now source or commission artwork exactly how you want it from us. In short, we turn your ideas into original pieces of art.

We can create any number of collections for you, from a single canvas for a domestic interior, to artworks for a hotel with 100+ rooms. And with a large stable of professional artists, we can produce photography/digital art in any style or medium, including fineart paper and canvas. Depending upon the project, your requirements will generally take 1-4 weeks to complete.

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B2/1 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India - 110057

Phone:+91 98102 31011/+91 96543 76151

Owner: Sanjay Nanda