Indian Cart Wheel

Brand:The Ashleys
BrandThe Ashleys


"The Cart" - A notable traditional “Indian cart wheel” moulded in a contemporary design thought.
India , the land I was born in is so rich in heritage. Its diversified culture is appreciated across the globe.
One such nuance of Indian culture which intrigues me continuously is the traditional cart wheel . The cart wheel speaks about the birth of the wheel from ancient times dating way back to the roots of Indian history .The beauty of the cart wheel is not only did it adorn the luxurious chariots in palaces in its splendour but also found space in the humble common mans home and still lives through decades in rural parts of India.

Enamoured by its birth , journey , and lifecycle I was inspired to evolve with series of designs rising from this art in a contemporary global context of today making it timeless . Each piece evolves from the cart wheel.