India Under Construction Delhi, India, October 2013

About Event:

The currency for human enterprise has fluctuated with those in powers. From a time when a barter system existed at the dawn of civilization allowing trade by the exchange of  day-to-day production value of  a community  to now when paper and plastic monies drive  enterprise.  Hence in the time of democracy and open resource does design have the potential for a value system or social capital'

Says Ezio Manzini, industrial-design professor at Politecnico di Milano,*Design is a powerful agent socially and environmentally.*Convinced that society needs systemic change,* Manzini - who also works for the UN Environmental Program -sees designers as - agents for sustainability. If we have to see Sustainability as not just a terminology but as a sustained social and economical grid to measure society's progress then every act of building or design should be measured by social equity and understanding. On this basis we can look at tangible Social returns on investment of our collaborative minds and talents.

IUC is a design symposium that brings together  professionals and projects from across the world on one platform to share design values as a social currency for improved  world orders.


9.00am                                  Registration for kit
9.15am                                  Introduction
9.30am -1.30pm                     Session1
1.30pm-2.30pm                      Lunch
2.30pm-6.30pm                      Session2

12th October 2013:

IUC Conference: Design As Social Capital

A dialogue confluence of how smart management and planning have made some cities, at the fulcrum of change, the benchmarks for urban growth. A platform to share and network on consequential ideas, with a showcase of impactful projects that engage communities undergoing rapid divides. The agenda would remain to raise awareness, empowering of individuals and fostering collective revitalization. The consequential inference would be the balance act of projects and plans which changed the social order of the big divide between the city, the "burbs" and the village.

India Under Construction Delhi, India, October 2013