India Manufacturing Show Bangalore, India, September 2014

With the new Manufacturing Policy poised to revolutionise the Manufacturing Sector in India like never before - IMS Foundation intends to drive this change and be a catalyst to bring about the desired results for the best Engineering Manufacturing industries in India.

IMS Foundation is a single largest collaborative platform of all Indian manufacturing, engineering and other ancillary industries across all strata starting from the Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Heavy and Mega Industries including Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), 

IMS Foundation conducts seminars, workshops, Training Programs, study circle meetings, leadership camps, symposia & lectures on various topics of National importance, more particularly relevant to advancement of skills, quality and efficiency in industries and entrepreneurship for the Engineering manufacturing Industries, by the trust, install honors and awards to exceptional achievers in various fields. 

IMS Foundation is backed by extraordinary entrepreneurs and people of eminence, besides industry bodies.


Informative conferences / technical seminars will be organised for the Exhibitors & Business visitors concurrent with the Exhibition. IMS 2014 provides the right forum for speakers to share their knowledge on various topics related to Energy & Environment Industry.
India Manufacturing Show Bangalore, India, September 2014