India Habitat Centre

Lodhi Rd, Lodi Estate, Lodi Colony, Delhi, India

  • Venue Type:Convention Centre, Resource Centre, Exhibition Centre

India Habitat Centre located at Delhi in India has emerged as one of the best Convention Centre, Resource Centre and Exhibition Centre for attracting guests as well as visitors from different industries.

India Habitat Centre (IHC) provides a physical environment, which serves as a catalyst for a synergetic relationship between individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat related areas. To facilitate this interaction, the Centre provides a superb range of facilities. It is perhaps the most successful work of urban design, a place that handles transportation and a numerous variety of public and private activities, from housing to banking, to entertainment to the food. It is an intellectual shopping centre that provides cheap green curry, cutting edge art, great theatre, and wonderful outdoor spaces that are comfortable even in summer. Its campus is spread in an area of over nine acres designed and built by Joseph Stein, Doshi and Bhalla. The campus weaves in a unique interplay of institutions, supporting infrastructure and facilities such as auditoria, conference venues, the library, hospitality areas, resource centre, and art galleries. The campus is a hub of various activities while being serene. The architectural and design elements that Stein has built in enable this paradoxical blend. The landscaping, horticulture and fountains add to the pleasing ambience of the campus, which is Wi-Fi enabled.