Hammocks are the sign of rest or relaxation. It can be described as a flexible strap to support a hanging weight, have two end points that are tightened with tree trunk or a stand. Hammocks are manufactured by many companies these days. Inca hammocks is an ISO 9001 certified company, which is one of the leading hammock manufacturer with their worldwide export service. They have a big range of quality products like Fabric hammock, Rope hammock, Swing hammock and Accessories of hammocks. They use polyester and cotton in manufacturing of fabric hammock with metal fabrication and power coating. They apply test protocols on each product before launch them in the market, which make the product user satisfied. It is now the second largest manufacturer of hammock product in the world. It has huge number of satisfied customers from all over the world including Americas top retailers like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Menards, Cost Plus and IKEA of Sweden in Europe. In India, it is conferred as the biggest exporter of hammock product from last 15 year. Its hammock manufacturing unit is a part of 18 million US$ Inca Group, which works in sale and manufacture of hammock and their accessories, Laundry bags, Garden Trays and Cushions.

The Inca Hammock Journey

It was founded in 1990 by Mr.D.S.Bhatt, CEO and MD of Inca Hammock this time. The company works in hammock production and selling from over 20 year and it continuously goes forward with quality hammock production and their accessories. With having team of dedicated professionals and workers, it provides their hammock for the person not only in a particular country but across the globe. It has gamut of various designed hammock and different quality product like, made from woods and metals, polyester and fabric material with cotton rope to be used. This company was founded with a desire to provide the peoples a unique quality product on a big scale. The founder of that company, started to make hammock by seeing some craftsman making hammock made from rope in a coast near Pondicherry. During that time an US company contacted him for knowing about rope hammock. Then he realizes that his future destiny is in making hammocks and targeted the US market and used good techniques in making hammock. It takes few months to make quality and sure with its safety purpose. After a successful month in sale of the product, it goes to the higher in providing high quality product with various models and designs. There was also increment in number of employees in the company along with the customers. Mostly it looks more attention in making tope hammock and fabric hammock. At the early days, it has only 11 employees. They try many trips for promotion of the company and its product and they succeed in that. Now it provide the hammock product worldwide with good export service. Its head office is in Medavekkam, Chennai. There are 350 employees working right now in which 75% are women. It provides opportunity to the persons belonging to rural area. As they expanding their service, they embark on Vandalur factory project with about 2.22 million US$ cost. Now all the metal product of hammocks and swings stands are being fabricated there. Recently they establish a partnership with a Mexican and Brazilian style hammock manufacturer in Pondicherry.


They have such following strengths which makes attraction to their product:

  • They have gamut of various designed and customized product.
  • Having large number of dedicated employees that is 350 employees.
  • About 180000 sq. ft, well equipped manufacturing unit.
  • 80000 sq. ft compound for metal fabrication and coating with robotic welder.
  • Having quality control department for applying test over newly make products.
  • Well experienced administrative staff for vendor management, sourcing, export, financial and customer management.


Its head office in Medavakkam, Chennai, is well designed attractive office if 90000 sq. ft area, used for management administration factions and for storage and dispatch of the product.

It has stitching unit with 80 sewing machines, where cutting, stitching and finishing of the product are done below 1 roof. This unit has 2 quilting machine, 1 vacuum packing machine and 2 pillow filling machine.