ILFORDS is a distinctively conceptualized brand of lighting solutions for the individuals who are involved in photography and cinematography. They understand the significant importance of lighting while handling camera. With this understanding, they have manufactured IDL equipments of lighting which comprises of video lights, shooting lights, halogen lights, spotlights, studio lights and theatre lights. Their entire product range has occupied a pivotal role in the media industry.

Looking at the increased demands of such products in this industry, ILFORDS conducted effective R&D on their products and manufactured effective product range including accessories for lighting support, systems of light support, lighting stand, indoor lighting system, on board lightings and lighting kits. Besides this, they constantly Endeavour to bring forth new and innovative products of lighting for effective usage.
They are searching for distinctive enquiries from regions of South India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh including cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

Our Guiding Force

The major guiding force behind the innovative products of ILFords is a well known and highly experienced cinematographer Mr. I. Joseph. He keenly observed the problems of lighting while handling camera during the shoots. These problems significantly pushed him further for the innovation of IDL lightings.

He had a very enthusiastic interest in photography which he adopted as his passion and profession. He acquired formal training of photography from the Film institute of Chennai.

AVM Productions

Importing of good lights did not a sound an appropriate idea for Mr. Joseph which resulted in revolutionary changes in Indian manufacturing industry. He was of the view to develop and manufacture cost effective as well as useful solutions of lighting in India only. He significantly developed as well as designed outstanding variety of lighting products for the people matching with foreign standards. The significant features of the lightings include easy handling, maintenance, energy saver, efficient as well as portable for carrying anywhere. They significantly replaced the lighting systems of AVM productions with their own products. Their widespread clientele includes places like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Assam.

Product Features

ILFords is a proud manufacturer of highly cost effective as well as useful lighting systems in India. All their products have been extensively coated with powder and possess strong framework which ensures their long lasting work life. Their varying products have been able to significantly reduce the recurring cost as well as investment of the people. The wide assortment of our lighting equipment are recognized for the following advantages:
  • Light weight
  • Easy mobility
  • Emits very less heat
  • Low running costs
  • Change of bulb permitted
  • Smaller capacity of air conditioning
  • Allows control over effective lighting
  • Considerable savings on power for lights

Their Strengths

Making great inroads in the industry with our unique products, we have carved a distinct position for ourselves amongst our many competitors. Some of the points that have contributed to the success of our company are:
  • Industry leading prices
  • Innovative products
  • Stringent quality testing
  • Customization facility
  • Capacious warehouse
  • Efficient distribution network
  • Expedite delivery

Features That Set Us Apart

Our broad category of products like lighting support systems, lighting support accessories, indoor light systems, lighting kit, lighting stand and on board lights can be availed in different specifications as per the requirements of the customers. Our products can be better understood under the following aspects:
  • Improved power factor
  • 40% savings on the price
  • Wattages from 55 to 1100 watts
  • Completely powder coated cabinet
  • Dimmable from 100% to 3% (linear)
  • Radio frequency interference suppressed
  • Flicker free lights with soft cool capability
  • Stable color through constant light output heat.
  • 30% brighter than its imported counterpart. (10 bank)
  • No acoustic resonance (reduced harmonic distortions)
  • Specially engineered reflector system to enhance light quality
  • Digitally dimmable with ILFORDS Master Control Panel individually or as a group

Here Quality Counts

Being a reputed firm of electrical products, they ensure superior levels of quality in all their products in order to meet out the standard requisites of the industry. In order to ensure best quality of their products, they possess their own testing facilities equipped with finest quality tools and machines for stringent testing of the products. They keep strict supervision in the entire process of manufacturing their products.