IFB Industries is one of the most reputed industries in the field of home appliances and fine blanking. It basically operates under these two significant divisions only. The division of Fine blanking initiated its operation in the year 1974 in effective partnership with Heinrich Schmid AG from Switzerland with their distinctive divisions in Bangalore and Kolkata. Their initial product range comprises of various machines including decoilers, straighteners, strip loaders and many more.

Another significant division of IFB comprises of Home appliances which initiated its operation in the year 1991. They have offered outstanding home solutions including clothes dryers, washing machines, Microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, modular kitchens, cooker hoods as well as Built in ovens and hobs.

With their expertise of 3 decades, IFB has rendered outstanding quality to its customers, along with excellence, solution and cutting edge technology to cater their every utility. They constantly endeavor to provide ultimate perfection in all their products through innovation and advanced technology. The entire group of IFB operates under 4 distinctive and independent companies including IFB Industries Limited, IFB Automotive Pvt. Limited, Travel Systems ltd., and IFB Agro ltd.

Their major motive for their customers is to provide them with the most innovative and best products to ensure maximum level of satisfaction.

They also provide an outstanding environment for their employees to prosper, grow and learn.

Apart from this, they also enable their business partners to prioritize the products as well as services of IFB. They maintain superior level of transparency in terms of corporate dealing for their investors.


To be the customer's first choice.


  • To maximise shareholder's value and growth by manufacturing and marketing top quality products.
  • To be the best in the eyes of our customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.
  • To be in every home valued at Rs. 15 lakh + and achieve our target of Rs. 4,000 crore turnover by 2016-17.
    For their Customers: To offer them the best product to buy, an innovative product that constantly outperforms peers and outstanding service that makes every customer smile.
    For their Employees: To provide them with an environment in which every individual learns, grows and prospers.
    For their Business Partners: To enable them to consider IFB's products and services as their first choice.
    For their Investors: The Company should be acknowledged as the one with the highest degree of corporate transparency; that delivers on the promises given to its shareholders.
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