Idus is a well known brand of flooring business since 25 years. Over the years they have been continuously growing successfully and in 2004, they diversified their business by involving themselves in the creation of lifestyle furniture. Their basic aim behind this diversification involves the creation of an ideal destination for all types of luxurious and designer furniture of all the well known and internationally acclaimed brands.

The store possesses its own warmth and inviting capacity to attract the attention of the people with their efficient and handpicked pieces of designs. All their furnishing solutions are available matching with the evolving trends of choices and taste of the people. They always provide the most suitable assistance in designing the space of their customers.

They have efficient team of highly qualified professionals who ensure of providing complete solutions to their valuable customers. They have a huge base across the country and are known for their time bound deliveries as well as installations.

After 25 successful years in flooring business, our company diversified into lifestyle furniture in 2004. The aim was to create a destination for customers to experience and engage with the best designer furniture and furnishing brands from all over the world.

Spread over 3 floors and with total space of 40,000 sq. ft. the store in itself is warm and inviting with its exclusive handpicked pieces, efficient and global appeal. Keeping in pace with the ever evolving trends in contemporary form, we always assist you to ideate your space at IDUS as to your taste.

With a team of qualified and well-appointed staff we help the customers zero in on the right product or ensemble. Also, with a well-managed inventory and organized logistic systems we are equipped to handle timely deliveries and installations all over India.


Spectrum of choices

The IDUS Showroom offers you an unparalleled spectrum of choices, across home, office, seating, flooring and accessory solutions. It is a one stop solution for all kinds of space requirement whether home or office.

Brands under one roof

The choice of the best brands from the world over is complemented by our ability to import large quantities vis a vis catering to small orders with the same commitment to suit the needs of even the most demanding client.

Sneak previews

To help you make choice, our sprawling showroom has been organized into different specially designed concept areas, to give you a feel of what the space could look like.

You like it, we pack it

With a well managed inventory, everything on display can be made available the minute you make a selection, with no more pre-booking hassles and waiting for the item to be delivered. We take care of delivering and installing at your site on time and properly.

Always there for you

Our well trained and highly efficient after sales service team is always available to support you.


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society interiors

Monster.Com is one of the largest employment websites in the world, owned and operated by Monster Worldwide, Inc. Today, Monster is the largest job search engine in the world . They came to IDUS looking for exclusive designs in wooden flooring , carpet and office seating. 
Mr V Gupta

Mr V Gupta's Residence

Mr. Gupta seeking for contemporary look and exquisite furniture for their residence came to our showroom. IDUS came forth with space solution and designing suited to their space. Italian furniture used for creating a classic look that complemented their grand exteriors.
Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital ,Gurgaon wanted to furnish their corporate section . The theme was to be reflective of warmth and hue bringing forward a design conceptualization which was suitable for the space. IDUS was approached,the flooring was proposed using designer carpet tiles and wooden flooring to transform the space. Merryfair office chairs were installed in all executive rooms,conference areas and designer sofa provided on entrances
Kpmg-All India

Kpmg-All India

KPMG India is one of the leading providers of risk, financial services and business advisory, internal audit, corporate governance, and tax and regulatory services. They wanted to create a distinctive style for their office . IDUS was entrusted with the project. A unique and interesting pattern of carpet tiles were used for the space.
Ford India

Ford India

Ford India wanted to extend their corporate branding experience into their interiors. IDUS transformed the spaces by employing functional and fashionable office furniture comprising of office chairs for workstations, lounge furniture, and customer waiting areas


Corbus a leading multinational IT services firm wanted to furnish their operations office in Sector 63 NOIDA, the theme was to be reflective of the vibrant and vivacious brand colors of the brand. IDUS stepped in and furnished the premises with patterned carpet tiles and office chairs for their employees
Bharti Soft Bank - Signature Towers

Bharti Soft Bank - Signature Towers

When Bharti Soft bank , India's leading Internet and mobile services startup wanted their Gurgaon office that reflects the multicultural , global imprint , they approached IDUS to suggest flooring and seating solutions .