Hylite Brushware Company was founded in the year 1961. Since then, the company is providing Indian market with quality ensured and authentic products. It has received immense reputation and prestige. All the products are marketed under the brand name of Hylite worldwide. The versatile and varied range of products proffered by Hylite comprise of paint brushes and rollers along with different painting tools. Adhering to strict quality control during every single process of production, it has set apart itself from others. The company guarantees bristles of 100% finest quality that are meticulously blended and formulated. The handle of brushes either contains hardwood or polythelene. It is balanced well providing a comfortable and easy grip. Each part of it such as nails, ferrule, epoxy etc. is handcrafted carefully to make a quality brush. They also offer a wide range of rollers for all kinds of paint and painting surface. It is an alternative to paint brushes. Hylite proffers a varied collection of accessories likewise extension rods, paint holding trays and lots more including sundry items as scrapers, wire scratch brushes. All the products are available in various sizes as per the needs and requirements of customers.