Hydro Plugger/Wsp Powder Mix

Brand:Nushar India
BrandNushar India


Underground Floor Treatment
  • At the lowest level in underground/ basement dig a pit (hole) and pump the water outside.
  • Clean the surface thouroughly.
  • Detect water leakage outlet points/ spots. 
  • Fill all the outlet points/ spots of leakage with Nushar's Plugger Paste.
  • Lay the WSP Powder Mix+ [WSP Powder (3): Moongia {fine/small} (2): Coarse Sand (1)] upto 1-3 inches as per the situation.
  • Place the heavy Machine Cut Stone Slabs over the treated area / surface.
  • Fill the joints between the stones with Nushar's Plugger Paste 
  • Apply 3 coats of SMART MASTER COAT (SMC)
  • Now put 2 to 6 inch layer (pV) of Mortar [Cement, Sand (Fine OR Coarse) and stone [Moongia (fine/small) / Rodi (jksM+h), by adding 15-20% SMART C.C.P MIX+ in Water. Apply 3 coats of Smart Master Coat.
  • During 3rd coat or Final Coat (In Wet condition) spread the fine sand over it (Let it cure for 8-10 Hrs.)
  • Finally lay Tiles/Stones over the floor as per your choice to complete the leak proof treatment.

Underground Wall Treatment
  • Remove entire plaster.
  • Repair all the joints/holes/cracks with the help of Nushar's Hydro Plugger Paste and to give support & strength, apply Cement Mortar over the Hydro plugger paste .
  • Get the cement mortar cured for at least 24 hrs.
  • Clean /water wash the wall Surface thoroughly.
  • After sealing of Joints/ Holes apply “SMART MASTER COAT”.
  • Process of Applying Smart Master Coat :-