Established in the year 1998, they are into sales, marketing and distribution of LED products and lightening. Its products are distributed by retailers, distributers, developers and architects. They have a team of sales professionals that provide customer interaction, feedback to help it in understanding the need and demand of customers and also creating brand awareness among people. For a company sales team should be very strong and effective it though them the company interacts via trade fairs, exhibition, seminars etc. Having such an effective and dedicated sales team they provide a flexible and committed customer service stock availability and promotion of the product by managing supply chain and maintaining highest standards, quality and reliability.

To fulfil customers need and demand they constantly introduce innovative products in the market. They work on lighting solutions and innovative concepts to develop a wide range of products to satisfy customers need and requirements. For interior as well as exterior houses, offices, clubs, retail bars, restaurants and exhibitions they provide over 1000 lightning products that are designed for wide applications and targeted markets. LED’s has a wide range of applications in different products like for years it is being used representing numbers in digital clocks, lightning up watches and mobile phones and when used in clusters illuminating the traffic lights and television screens.

Since it is built around costly semiconductor technology so it is not very frequent in lightning like other similar products. But with the evolution of technology prices of LED are falling down and the prices of semiconductor materials have come done in recent years. With such a change it has opened the door for the improvement of energy efficient and environmentally lightning options. Its wide range of products include Power LED flush mounting and surface mounting fittings, fitted, decorative and general purpose fixtures, Underwater and street lighting fittings, linear wall type light washing and stage lighting systems. They market its products to interior designers, lightning consultants, property developers and architects with the help of distributors and sales team.

Leds Low Environmental Impact

There are many benefits in using LED lightening like it has less carbon footprints compared to other products with no lead and mercury; it uses non fragile filaments and non poisonous mercury with no high pressure gasses. It is also totally recyclable. By using LED lights you can save upto 80% of the energy with less impact on global warming. It does not require any inefficient technology to create luminance.

Led Efficiency Saves Money

LED products saves a lot of energy and saving energy means you are saving money. After using LED lightning at your place you will find the amount of electricity bill is reduced.

Traditional Bulb Replacement

LEDs are available in wide range and are the best replacement for traditional bulbs. It is easy to install and replace.

Leds Ultra Long-Life

It depends on the usage but usually rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours upto 20 years.

Leds Are Safe- Cool To The Touch

LEDs are unbreakable, rugged water resistant components. They reduce AC cooling and handling costs hence producing no IR and Ultraviolet emission.

Led Lighting Quality

LED Lighting produce full spectrum light with wider applications available at different conditions and temperatures. They come in Dimmable as well as non dimmable configurations maintaining the energy consumption whereas CFLs delays at the start and are not dimmable.

Incandescent Bulb Government Ban

Looking at the current economic condition government is banning incandescent bulbs. Government supports LED lightning and has declared the best alternative to high energy consumption.

Services / Support

They have a team of Lightening experts to support and service you when you need it. Don't worry about the cost only a small amount will go in their pockets but the service provided will be remarkable.

For Interior Designers / Architects

They provide functional and stylish solutions to the architects and interior designers. They have its outlets in Mumbai and plan to expand more in rest of the cities in future. They work close with architects, interior designers and installers for satisfactory installation.

In the coming years LED lightening will be huge in demand. Understanding the need and demand of LED listening they are ready to cater your needs by offering a wide range of LED lightning products.



The technological advances in the development of LED light bulbs have been fast and furious, with manufacturers competing to design LED bulbs suitable for every application in the home.

Hybec lights in association with the architects have been used by renowned personalities that truly value quality and style such Mr Karan Johar ( Film Producer ), Mr Hrithik Roshan ( Film Actor ) and many more.

The Project Images displayed here is the home of a VIP that Hybec had the pleasure of serving not only with the supply of Hybec Lights but also value added with Lighting consultancy for their home. This home also featured in a leading Interior Design Magazine in India.


LED is the clear choice for energy efficient and architecturally pleasing light for commercial establishments. Using a low-voltage power distribution system with LED lighting makes it more energy efficient, simpler and faster to install, and easier to control.


Corporate lighting and fittings has been the niche of Hybec lights. We have an in-house Lighting design consultant that can engage early in the project to design efficient solutions to help improve the comfort, safety and security of your enterprise.


Hybec offers high-quality and energy efficient lighting fixtures and solutions for designers and facilities to create flexible and welcoming spaces for your guests and clients.
Special Project

Special Project

Special Projects division is involved in carrying out complete Project lighting, Illumination of monuments using computer controlled and colour changer lighting systems, fibre optics lighting etc.