Established in the year 1940 producing finest quality of furniture they offer a wide range of furniture at variable prices with primary focus in quality and customer satisfaction. They have now entered in the third generation of their family business catering the needs and desire of people. They have 1250 employees working to produce finest quality of furniture for the entire world. Each and every product passes through a quality check before entering into the market. They help you to design your dream home with beautiful and adorable furniture. They have highly experienced partners in manufacturing and logistics that delivers high quality product on time with outstanding services.

Furniture adds beauty to a house it is always recommended by people to purchase durable furniture of high quality that should lasts for long years. They provide such types of furniture with the quality made in Germany. All the furniture are manufactured in Germany but are sold all around the world. They offer everlasting furniture that will help you to enhance the beauty of house for years. They procure quality raw material from the suppliers and the end product which comes is durable for long years.

Our Quality Principles

They believe that quality in furniture should be long lasting as people while purchasing consider quality first then rest of the attributes. They are committed to make quality products. Combination of Quality, responsibility and personality is what the furniture depicts.


    No compromise with the quality they use solid wood from forests.
    Each piece they provide is unique in terms of design, shape etc.
    They provide assurance to its products with a promise and confidence.

Quality Tests

They say a product with the company's mark must meet quality requirements. From planning to installation all processes have to pass through a quality testing at every stage. They use 30 internal test scenarios in which each and every product is tested with raw materials. These processes consist of legal standards and different test procedures which is applied on each product before coming out as a final product. These test and mechanisms on products prove that they manufacture quality products which are of highest standards. Some of the measures they take are-
  • For safety purpose they perform safety tests.
  • For durability and hard wearing they perform surface tests.
  • For climate resistance they perform climatic tests like they test its furniture in countries like Shanghai, Dubai and Serbia where the climate is different.
  • Load tests are performed to check the strength of the furniture.
  • Proper packaging is done to ensure the safety.

The Hulsta Planning Service

They have a team of professionals that offers free of charge planning services. They will come to your house or office measure the area where you want to locate your furniture. They also consider challenging location like sloping walls, door or window position, recesses etc. They help you to decide what type of furniture be used and of what measurement. They keep in mind the components like TV or WiFi router that can be included while designing the furniture. All you need to do is choose the type of wood and lacquer versions and leave rest to them. On the basis if the specification and requirement that you give they make a computer aided design and then start working on the produced goods.

The Hulsta Interior Design Advice

They help you in designing your dream house by assisting it in different types of interior designs. Whether you are going to renovate your house or moving in another house they provide a complete solution in interior designs keeping in mind that the space is well utilized. On the basis of the details that a person provide they create an Individual design which includes-
  • Planning of the floor.
  • Wall elevations which are hand sketched.
  • Suggestions and aspects for interior designing.
  • An overview of units and sizes.
They charge 75 Euros per month for extensive interior design. It is you who have to take the final decision.
The Hulsta Quality Guarantee.

The Hulsta Quality Guarantee.

For quality assurance and consumer protection they have bagged many awards. They have also received quality certificates and seals in Europe making them trustworthy. Each and every piece is immaculate of hardly any error.
The Hulsta Trust Guarantee.

The Hulsta Trust Guarantee.

Even if the fault is not covered by our guarantee, you can rely on our support. We offer you more than a standard guarantee, because hulsta does not only deliver first-class furniture but also first-class service.

Should you have any problems with your hulsta furniture, we are always committed to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us even after expiry of the 5-year guarantee or in cases that are generally excluded from warranty. You can rely on us to find the best possible solution for you.

Deutsche Gutegemeinschaft Mobel.

Deutsche Gutegemeinschaft Mobel.

hulsta is a member of the "Deutsche Gutegemeinschaft Mobel" (German furniture quality association). Our products are subject to stringent tests. The golden "M" is only awarded to furniture, which is safe, stable, durable and physiologically harmless.
12 Years Guarantee.

12 Years Guarantee.

On base frames they provide you with the 12 years of guarantee with 3 years on electric parts and gas pressurized springs.
Blauer Engel (Blue Angel).

Blauer Engel (Blue Angel).

This means that all of the products strictly comply with legal requirements and all the products manufactured are environment friendly causing no harm to the environment.
Proven Safety.

Proven Safety.

The GS sign for proven safety is awarded by the TUVRheinland and ensures that our furniture complies with the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.
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