If its quality and artistry you seek, our company offers you master workmanship together with elegant designs and products at competitive pricing, drastically enhancing your windows, your home and lifestyle.
Every house needs the proper window coverings to match the harmony of the rest of the interior design. With over 15 years of experience in the interior design industry HUBDEOR offers a complete measuring and fitting service on all curtains, blinds and shutters, customized to suite your taste and style. With a variety of fabrics, colors and wood types we have the selection guaranteed to please all our clients’ needs.
Our company provides you with carefully selected designs for curtains, blinds and shutters, that not only fit the windows, but also your current interior style. The advantage of combining technical aspects with stylish design is possible due to the HUBDEOR team, which is experienced in finding the precise elements that can improve the look of your house.

Our Commitment

What makes HUBDEOR a special choice for our clients is that it prides itself in offering non compromising quality and service as key aspects of its business. Our expert consultants are equipped to service all aspects of the interior design, trade and commercial industry. We believe in offering our customer peace of mind and the confidence to know they are buying only the very best, at an affordable price.

Our company succeeds in providing you with the complete services offer, starting from helping you in choosing the right products for your windows to providing you with them.

We permanently try to exceed the borders of interior design in finding the ideal window accessories so that your house fits your personality at the end of the project. Answering the question "What is the role of your home?" is one of our main concerns and providing products that combine the esthetical aspect with functionality to increase the comfort of your home is our goal. We are experienced with working with a given budget so we find provocative projects a source of creativity instead of one of limitations.


Wooden Flooring Products

If you have a big project coming up and not sure 'how', 'why', and 'where' to go about wooden flooring; or you are already dealing in architectural or interior industry and looking for workable strategies to start your own wooden flooring business - you have come to a right place - we can help you.

Just email us about your interest at info@hubdecor.in - we will get back to you at the earliest.

And if you ever wondered why to seek consultation from Hub Decor in the first place, you may like to read following points:

Hub Decor is "the" trendsetter in Indian wooden flooring industry. For more than 9 years, our thirst for bringing world-class floorings has resulted in being No. 1 Designer Wooden Flooring company in India.

A.S.Bisht, founder & CEO (of Hub Decor), has many years of hands-on experience in the wood flooring industry. He has personally sold & inspected quality floor installation of thousands of board feet of wood flooring to high profile clients all over India.

We are a NWFA certified company - which means we are trained in various technical areas that are crucial for successful installation of wooden flooring (which is commonly ignored by many floor vendors).

Our order processing & installation team has extensive experience diagnosing and resolving site moisture problems, and has expertise in testing for moisture in concrete subfloors.

On an ongoing basis we conduct workshops on wooden floorings (see here what is being taught in these workshops) - people from all walks of life (like architects, interior designers, end-customers, independent business owners, dealers etc.) have attended these workshops - and their participation attests the knowledge and expertise we have in wooden flooring space.

Developed Unique Capabilities

Over the years we have developed unique capabilities of providing high quality wooden floorings to our clients. We know wooden flooring inside-out.
Did that convince you?

If yes, email us your interest at info@hubdecor.in

And if you still have some doubts about expertise -->

>> Challenge us - question us - test us - and if you don't get satisfactory response from us, we will give consultation fee back!