Ra Prem

Ra Prem

My life is like a Luxury brand everyone wants it. Completed "Interior Architecture Design" which was for a focused attention to myself onto the field

Social networking and its wide spectrum has always amazed me , and now i m a part of almost all the branches of it.Just to feel not lag behind the ultimate social tool which design the human tomorrow.

Having the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world Well-versed in colour consultation thorough research on colour will surely spruce up your home like never before.

Saved money in terms of recycling and refurbishing to major group of companies.Its fantastic to work on a recycle project i have a set of team focusing on recycling,reducing & reusing.We live in the disposable society.Its easier to throw things out than to fix them. For interiors, I am an eclectic bohemian at heart where I blend different periods of designs . As for graphic design, I combine old, industrial and traditional techniques to create something tactile feeling. With photography, I shoot with film and digital cameras to create something new and exciting.

When I'm not working on fun projects, I'm most likely being a vintage vulture! Some more about me I always knew I was creative. I can't imagine me in a lab creating some sort of chemical concoction, unless maybe if it has to do with fat free ice cream.When am not editing or blogging, I'll be found in my gym or cooking food counting my calories . I enjoy sculpting myself I enjoy well balanced brunches and time with family & friends.

I have a deep and everlasting love affair with design of all forms. I dont typically discriminate, but if I had to narrow it down You know, design-love-affair-wise, interior design would be it. This blog right here is my happy place. Its where I spill my guts and fill my soul and share the best of the best from around the web. And from the depths of my brain.

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