The HP3 series is an advanced hospital bed head panel system that suppliers power, data and various additional services. The revolutionary GSS Power Track technology incorporated into the panel allows users to plug in, remove and reposition devices anywhere along the track, offering maximum convenience and flexibility.

The HP3 series can be customised to suit the unique needs of each hospital, and the streamlined design of the panel ensures easy maintenance and improved hygiene.

The GSS System has been certified compliant with IEC, BS, SASO, KTL and many other international safety standards.
The following additional features may be added to the panel : Nurse call button, Medical gas outlet, Light switch, Data/multimedia outlet, Emergency Power Supply (E-Supply) Power Track
Impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC) end caps
Durable white fluorocarbon (PVDF) finishing, with other colours available upon request
Recess mounted for a slim, unobtrusive profile
Fully customisable length and configuration
Optional accessory : wall-mounted medical rails to hold electronic devices and other equipment