Howard C. Miller is the person who founded clock manufacturing firm in the year 1926 when he was just 21. He was schooled by his father Herman in the black forest region of Germany. His father believed in innovation and a tradition of excellence which he implemented till three generations. In early years he manufactured chiming wall and mantel clocks. He started the trend of avant grade clocks that are even today you will find it in collectors’ galleries. He joined World War II with the Ford Motor Co. and produced anti-aircraft covers. In the 1960s they turned its attention towards grandfather clocks which in turn made the company to get the title of “World's Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer."

In 1989 they began to manufacture collectors’ cabinets with same zeal and effort of craftsmanship in the clock making. These cabinets help to display plates, glassware, heirlooms and many other items. To bring more and more customers and make people aware about the products they have recently acquired three companies. They produce sculpted hardwood pieces that range from 18th and 19th Century reproductions to fine metals and exotic woods. They offer products that can be gifted in anniversary, retirement or marriage. They are one of the primary companies that are being trusted by the people while shopping for gifts. They have a wide range of offerings that helps people to select their product according to the need and requirement.

The product range includes hundreds of items like portable alarm clocks, desk alarm clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, collectors cabinets, grandfather clocks etc with the price range between $5 to $15,000. The same assurance that they gave to its customers when they produced the first clock the same is given today. They under the need and demand of the people what they want in the clock the colour, design, shapes and many other features then accordingly the manufacturing begins. They have Incomparable workmanship, quality and quest for perfection that makes it odd one out compared to other manufacturers.