How To Find The Best Architects In India For Your Project

Sep 06, 2014
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Architect, once considered a luxury has become a necessity in the modern times. Whether you are dreaming of remodeling your existing home or planning to build a new house from the scratch or willing to develop a commercial space; construction in the modern days is no child play. The cost of land and materials has skyrocketed in the recent past, along with plethora of other aspects to look into such as the government regulations and documentation, design of the house, selecting the right builder and materials construction in modern days is a very tedious, time-consuming and a costly affair. The process not only dampens your spirit but it may also scare you from taking up any renovation or construction work.

An Architect, translated from Greek term “Arkhi-tekton” means Head, Builder respectively, can help you realize your dream. They are qualified and experienced professionals well versed with government rules and regulations, aware of the culture, sentiments of the people of the region, have good sense of aesthetics, can connect your wishes and requirements to their practical feasibilities, while they create living spaces that make sense with their interior architecture skills, with long term perspectives in view. 

The profession of architecture has grown by leaps and bounds catering to the requirements of the demand. Hence, the discipline has branched into many segments such as:

Commercial Architects: This type of architects deals with designing of large public structures such as government offices, and public structures like commercial complexes, libraries, etc.

Landscape Architects: This division deals with designing of outdoor areas such as gardens, parks, recreational spots and such other places on public and private properties.

Interior Design Architects: While landscape architects deals with outdoor areas, interior design architects deals with adding aesthetics to the interiors and also making efficient use of your interiors.

Environment Architects: With threats of global warming looming large, these architecs are highly preferred. As the name suggests, they deal with designing projects that are environment friendly. Making use of Solar panels, allocating space for Greenery and making use of recyclable materials are taken care of by them.

With so many architects available, it becomes very difficult to choose the right architect for your project. Here are a few tips to consider before selecting the Best architect for your project in India:

References: It is very helpful to shortlist professionals based on personal references of friends and relatives who have used the services of such architects earlier. Also, check the testimonials available in print, digital media in magazines, newspapers and websites.

Qualification: It is important that you select an architect who has relevant qualification, including the required licenses from regulatory authorities. Qualifications include educational qualifications, membership of various professional organizations, Affiliations etc.

Experience: There are a lot of things that only experience can teach such as aesthetics, creativity, efficient use of living spaces, effective use of time and money. It is important to make sure that the architect you select has relevant experience and has successfully worked on projects similar to that of yours.

Personality: It is important that the professional you select has an easy going personality, who values time, money and most importantly your needs, and tastes. Also make sure such an architect charges a reasonable fee for his/ her services.

Your building Architect saves you a lot of money, time and effort. They study , analyze your requirements, they have a better understanding of the real estate value and can compare such values against the cost of your project and inform if the project would be a good investment, help you make effective and efficient use of the space available.

Awards: Awards and Competitions provide a fair and competitive platform for designers from all design fields with different experience levels and diverse disciplines. Checking the professional’s awards history also helps you sort the best one among the big list. helps you to find the best architect for your project in India:
eBuild is an online source of continuous information providing the Indian Architect's details about the project details, services, team, achievements including awards, affiliations and publications with contact information.
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