A Leader in the Rug Manufacturing and Retail Industry is committed to bringing you High-Quality Rugs from India at rock-bottom prices. With our low-price commitment and dedication to customer service, we aim to make your next purchase a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Our customers are often surprised when they see how low our prices are. These low prices aren’t just a marketing gimmick, but rather a reflection of the way we choose to do business. Our method of operation allows us to offer you the exact same item as other rug retailers at 1/3 the price.

We are the only retailer who handles every aspect of your shopping experience as the rug travels from our factory directly to you, which means your care and satisfaction won’t be at the mercy of a third party. As a result, our customers are constantly surprised by the high-quality of the rug they receive at delivery.

What matters most at HouzzStudio is and will always be: Quality, Quality and Quality. HouzzStudio’s mission remains to produce quality hand-made rugs for both domestic and export purchase. HouzzStudio is just getting started and looks forward to achieving many more milestones in the future.