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House For Mr. Anil Pandhe

Location: Solapur, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Client: Mr. Anil Pandhe

Team: Ar. Aparna Kulkarni

Principal Designer: Ar. Datta Ekbote, Vadodara, India.
Associate Architect: Ar. Sunil Kulkarni.

Working as associates, we gained rich experience in exposed brick load bearing construction from Ar. Ekbote, a senior exponent of the craft. HH, having worked with renowned architect, Louis Kahn, on construction of I.I.M., Ahmedabad, gave us immense education in architectural detailing and language of brickwork. The house is designed with shading devices, which protect the living spaces from direct sunlight, substantially reducing the heat gain into the building. The house visually demonstrates the sculptural form generated from the functionality.