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House 3
House 3

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 13,000 Sq Ft

Client: Undisclosed

Project Completed: 2011

The Kumar residence, located in the up-market South Delhi colony of Vasant Vihar, provides an example of the richness of the modern architectural idiom in blending interior and exterior spaces and providing a unified architectural expression. A free standing punctured wall creates a entry court and protects the private domain from the public. This entry space shaded by a ficus benjamina tree surrounded by white pebbles establishes the minimalist mood of the residence. Protected from public view the house opens up to the elements with skylights and courts creating an interlocking series of spaces where light is the dominant organizing principle. Sunlight filtered and diffused through the skylights and courts continuously changes the feel of the space through the day and through the seasons. There is no sense of enclosure or boundary here, spaces flow freely into one another through a house that unfolds both in plan and in section. The spatial freedom and intimate connection with the elements is emphasized by the complete absence of framing elements. Walls turn into windows without the mediation of a frame, entire walls in frameless glass are only sublimally present. The enclosure is decomposed into a series of independent elements placed in blocks of light. .