Home ET Tu is premium Brand Company of high end home decor store which has been established by Honey Jolly at Delhi and Pune with the name of “The gallery on MG” and “The Seasons Mall” respectively. Both these stores house a wide range of retail furniture, European and Indian fabrics for furnishing, lamps, arts, rugs, and various other accessories. They look after the overall interior decor of the customers.

Their major forte is to meet out the distinctive needs of the customers with their customised solutions. They cater all the discriminating choices and tastes of the customers related to celebrity homes, exceptional residences, luxury hotels or corporate designing. The main task of designing is done by the designing head Honey Jolly who possess huge expertise in the field of designing since 30 years. They provide a complete merger of innovative and traditional concepts in their designing. Apart from this, perfect combination of classic and contemporary styling can also be obtained.

They give complete attention to every minute accessory of the rooms, whether it is your living room or a bedroom. No matter how big or small room you have, they have excellent suggestions and solutions for their customers. In fact they adopt all the possibilities to provide the fullest and complete creativity to the customers along with innovative products and styles. Preferring Home ET Tu can prove to be wise decision for perfect interiors.

Turnkey Execution

Home ET Tu provides a homogeneous kind of looks to the interiors of your house on the basis of turnkey execution. They provide perfect harmony of both colour and designs between curtains, furniture, furnishings, pelmets, bed spreads, table linen, cushions and various accessories in every room of your house. Generally most of the projects of interiors involve endless contribution of numerous agencies which sometimes becomes complicated for the customers to understand. Thus they offer a complete professional team of designing as well as budget and time specifications.

They meet out the overall requirement of the customers with their highly efficient professional team. They possess a significant harmony and coordination between the designing team, manufacturing team and furnishing team. With this amazing coordination, they are able to create flawless and impeccable piece of extra ordinary work to please their customers. They have been able to provide timeless beauty in terms of design and texture with an experience of more than 30 years in this field.


In order to please and gratify the customers with practicality and aesthetics, the primary requirement is a suitable and amazing design of the products. At Home ET Tu, they possess an exceptionally talented and skilled team of professionals who are dedicated to provide extra ordinary designs and layouts of the interiors to their customers. They look after each and every intricate detail of the interiors of the house including wall treatments, furniture and furnishings. They offer ultimate combinations of solutions for the people to fill their heart with pleasure and contentment. They possess expertise in conceptualising and executing any kind of project with a combined harmony of colour and designs between furnishings, furniture and various other accessories. However, they get inspiration for such wonderful designs from the ideas and suggestions of their valuable customers.