Home Decoration Done Before Dussehra Will Make Diwali More Joyful.

Evil Ravana Was Killed In Dussehra . So Why Not Complete All Your Home Decor To-Do's Before Dussehra And Relax On Diwali.

Sep 30, 2014

Dusshera also known as Vijayadashmi, Navarati or Durga Pooja is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India, differently by different people, for some it’s the rath yatra or the procession of lord raghunath, the colourful and vibrant garbha dance with dandiya sticks wearing traditional attire and for others its Ramlila i.e storytelling in a traditional folklore style with drama.

On these auspicious days Goddess Durga is worshipped and people seek her blessings. Dussehra celebration involves fancy light decorations, musical performances and traditionally dressed people all around. Home decor can be done in many traditional ways depicting the aesthetic tastes of the home dwellers which ultimately brings in joy and brighten our lives with happiness and prosperity.

Dussehra being a traditional festival, the space planning or styling could be a blend of traditional Vastu science as well as contemporary theme or even DIY (do it yourself) ideas. Vastu, the ancient science of space planning, as per the Hindu tradition can be helpful in bringing the positivity and prosperity in the house in combination with the modern design would ultimately result in aesthetically appealing interiors.

Some of the main elements of decor for Dussehra And Diwali which have been popular since ages and still continue to be in trend:

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Wall Decor in Home Decoration

Diwali is celebrated exactly 20 days after Dussehra is celebrated, which is usually in the month of October or November so if you are planning for wall paint get it done before dussehra or navratri so that you can enjoy new home in Dussehra too.

  • Consider painting a single focal wall or just living room to cut down expenses and sheer inconvenience caused during paint work.
  • Hire color consultants from prominent paint companies to decide the color scheme, texture or also stencil designs.
  • Consider wallpaper if you want to stay away from inconveniences caused.
  • Vinyl wall papers are less expensive than the imported wall papers.
  • Choose murals depicting the landscape, scenery and some festive themes.
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Re arrange furniture to freshen up your Home again

Dussehra is the day that celebrates a victory of good over evil: marking the day Lord Ram killed the evil king of Lanka, Ravan. In home also get rid of unused, retired furniture lying at home.

  • Rearranging the furniture involves assessing the room for functionality and beauty.
  • Relocate or rearrange Furniture as per different functions of the room that will give fresh look again.
  • It may result in the room being more artful and interesting than before.
  • Blend it with rest of the features such as windows, shelving, fireplaces etc. .
  • Change the  bed and cushion covers of traditional color to achieve festive look.
  • Use wall rugs, authentic Indian sarees and block printed fabrics to decorate the walls and columns.
Home Decoration Done Before Dussehra Will Make Diwali More Joyful. image 3

Home Decoration with Decorative items

  • Hang door hangings or Torans.
  • Use flowers to make the space fragrant. Beautiful floral garlands could be used at the entrance. Make floating rangoli with rose petal and marigold in glass vessels, metal vessels or earthenware.
  • Rangoli can be made near the entrance , pooja room, or in the pooja space using sand or rice powder mixed with food colouring.
  • Brighten up the entranceway with spotlights for dramatic effect, strings of colourful LED lights in the rooms to add on to the festive styling.

Worshipping in Navratra is a transcendent way to improve our spiritual approach to our well being. When devotion and religious attention gets combined with Vastu power, it offers benefits and blessings, and it's combination with modern style gives an aesthetic appeal and comfort decor.

Vimmi Walia
Vimmi Walia

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