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Home Automation Systems
Do you have a whole lot of gadgets in your home, such as televisions, set-top boxes, lights, fans, air-conditioners, a media player? Do you own an expensive smartphone with all the latest features, but which you mostly just use to make calls or chat? After a long workday, do you find yourself reaching for your air conditioner?s remote to switch on your TV? If you answered ?yes!? to any of the above questions, it means you?re looking for a way to simplify your life while still remaining in control.

Well, we have good news for you. You don?t need to sacrifice any of your beloved gadgets or live like an ascetic to simplify your life. We present to you a solution that brings all the devices in your home onto a single platform, and makes them ?talk? in the same language ? incidentally also making good use of that expensive smartphone you recently bought! If this interests you, read on.

Home automation involves bringing all the electronic devices in your home, including ? but not limited to ? lighting, shading, climate, media and security. In short, no more hunting for the right remote from among a bunch of them piled on your table. Just one app to rule them all, on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. A flick of your finger is all it takes. And this isn?t all ? the control lasts not just while you?re at home. Wherever you are in the world, a 3G connection will bring your home to you in seconds!

The sky is the limit when it comes to home automation systems. You can choose a plain vanilla lighting-and-shades system or go the whole gamut with lights, shades, fans, climate, media and security ? or anything in between.You can decide to just automate your media room, or get your whole home at your fingertips.

An example scene programmed into your system would look like this: you leave from work. It?s summer, so you switch on your air conditioner on the way. Reaching home, you open your door via a digitally integrated bio metric door lock. A relaxed atmosphere is instantly created- switching on just the right lights at the right dimming level. You relax and put your feet up in the cool surroundings, allowing the day?s tensions to melt away as you listen to soothing music. Meanwhile, you scroll through television channels, wondering what you?ll watch today?yeah, some things never change!