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Hollywood Town Villa
Hollywood Town Villa

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Area: 11,500 Sqft

Project Completed: 2014

The design brief was inclined towards a contemporary approach with a traditional Indian feel to the villa. The design for this project is controlled by the brief and the site orientation. On having the maximum openness in the site surround and the longest side of the site towards the south, managing the internal environment based on the sun-path was of prime importance since most of the extended interior spaces like the decks and openings would have been located towards the south. Hence based on the climatic influences, the villa is designed with VOIDS for creating the shaded balconies and LAYERING with Jaalis or perforated screens to cut down on the harsh southern sun. Incorporating a traditional element like the jaali helps to add a distinctive personality to the building's exteriors as well as performs an important function.