Himalyan Acoustics welcomes one and all, seeking Soundproofing,acoustic products and solutions.

You have just landed at the leading acoustic manufacturer Himachal resource to get a wide range of acoustic wall panels and tiles, according to your needs. Choosing the right material for Soundproofing and sound insulation will make all the difference to the auditory experience of the occupants of the room or inner space. Only quality sound proof tiles and panels offer ideal room acoustics. You will find top quality acoustic materials here that are visually and acoustically perfect, and come in all possible hues and shades to suit a variety of design features and make aesthetic sense.

Himalyan Acoustics is well known for its soundproofing tiles and panels offering both acoustical and visual excellence. The brand of Kool Pack & Allied Industries spares no efforts when it comes to serving their clients and offering them exactly what they are looking for. You will find its acoustical products and materials supplied to not only within Himachal and Punjab, but to all major cities of the country. Their soundproofing ceiling tiles and acousticalå foam panels are used successfully in a number of important projects , covering gymnasium halls, church & temples, sports complexes, conference rooms, lecture halls, home theatre, auditoriums, college multipurpose halls, recording studios, call centers, disco, ceiling projects, banquet halls, etc..

Here are some good reasons as to why choose the company for your complete needs of soundproofing treatment.

a. Huge variety of soundproofing panels – Aphony Fibrette, Glaze, Grace, Cortex, Gloss, etc., available in different sizes and in an endless color range to meet the decor needs.

b. Easy to use and install – These soundproofing panels and tiles are light weight, easy to carry and resistant to moisture, heat and termite.

c. An excellent customer care – Professional customer services is another good reason that makes the company a popular choice among customers. Services and products are delivered right on time and any queries of the customers get answered promptly.

d. Competitive Pricing – Another reason what makes its products high in demand is the top
quality of their acoustic tiles and very affordable costs.

Our Products

Himalyan Acoustics is the Brand of Kool Pack & Allied Industries, manufacturing Wood Fiber Cement Composite Boards and Tiles. We manufacture ceiling tiles, sound proof tiles, wall tiles, wood wool cement boards. The Wood Fiber are uniquely tailored and bonded with cement composites.

This combination gives the product an excellent Sound Absorption, Sound Proofing, Thermal Insulation, Water resistance, Fungi resistance and good comprehensive strength. These acoustic tiles are available in various colors and have excellent durability and versatility. Also the boards and tiles can be easily cut, screwed or nailed.

These can be easily installed on all kinds of ceilings with GI, Aluminum, Iron or even wooden grids. This product is widely used for sound proofing and thermal insulation in Multiplexes, Halls, Auditoriums, Discos, Banquets, Training Rooms, Conference Rooms, Executive Cabins, Sports Complexes, Indoor Swimming Pools, Hospitals, Airports, Recording Studios, Factories, Workshops, Gymnasium Halls, Indoor Stadiums, Lecture Halls, Schools, Colleges, Offices, Call Centers, Interior Designing, Home Theaters etc.

Contact Himalyan Acoustics today for additional information and get the best acoustic material and solutions as per your needs. You will find a complete range of excellent acoustics products and material here. Create the right atmosphere in the building while taking care of all those sound reflections, noise and reverberations. Take advantage of the home theater sound proofing treatment, diff users and other accessories available with the company to get perfect acoustical results for your room or the building and well within your budget.

Our Vision & Mission

Himalyan Acoustics shall be a global leader in its chosen endeavors to create value for society.


  • To be a Market Leader Internationally.
  • Continuous growth through innovation.
  • Improved living standards by providing efficient and eco friendly products.


  • Himalyan Acoustics is committed to customer satisfaction by manufacturing/providing the products as per Best Standards.
  • Providing Efficient/ Quality products ethically which are supplied on time in a way that benefits Customers, Employees and Society.

Quality Policy

HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through vigorous innovation and constant improvement of its business processes. We follows the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management norms and we are committed to being very aggressive in our Positive attitude to achieve the best towards quality and customer service, primarily since we want to be ranked as the ?PERFECT? in our business.

    P Producing to perfection.
    E Eco-friendly products.
    R Responsibility and Respect for our clients
    F Foster a team approach and trust building for a win win situation.
    E Ethics in all spheres
    C Continuous Improvement through innovation.
    T Timely supply and value for time.

Our People

At HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS we believe that our strategies are solely dependent on the positive attitude, talent, skills, systems, discipline at work place, punctuality and passion of our people. Which are inculcated in our organization from the grass root level.

Our employees are strong both as individuals and as team members. We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team. We will foster a participatory workplace that enables people to get involved in making correct and quick decisions about their work that leads us to our common business objectives.

Our highly skilled qualified and experienced technocrats enable us to excel in every sphere of our business.