HIDROMEK INC., is a leading manufacturer of construction machinery. Since 1978, the company has continuously invested in the latest cutting edge production technologies, including computer controlled cutting tables, welding robots, special purpose process tables, and ergonomic work machines with world class performances. This commitment to making investments has enabled the company to gain the position of Turkey’s leading production and export firm within its own sector. The company’s yearly production capacity of 10.000 backhoes, loaders and excavators, is carried out at its 4 production factories in Ankara and 1 production factory in the Aegean Industrial Free Zone. The total are of the company’s production facilities is 175 thousand m².

Durable and Efficient Machinery for Increased Competitiveness
Designed through its vision, Hidromek products are created through an innovative approach and latest product development methods, including the world's best components. Resulting in a product produced meticulously at modern production facilities, and are a combination of quality and passion in industrial leadership.

Through this strong structural design, engines that offer advantages in productivity, innovative hydraulic and under carriage systems and ergonomically designed operator environment offering comfort levels equal to automotive industry, Hidromek fulfils its 36 yearlong promise of unparalleled competitiveness.

Award Winning Design
Our designs with innovative and modern lines, equipped with user-friendly details, won the German "IF DESIGN" and American "GOOD DESIGN" awards which are amongst the world's most important design evaluation platforms.

Product Line
Hidromek product line consists of 22 different Construction Equipment that are used in variety of applications including loading, digging, breaking, demolition, excavation, material handling, ripping and grading. The model line-up consists of 3 models of Backhoe Loaders, 2 models of Wheeled Excavators, 5 models of Crawler Excavators and 6 different Special Application Excavators. Recently HIDROMEK has added a NEW Graders range to its product line up with 6 different models.

To further increase the areas of application and usage, HIDROMEK's attachment product range includes a full Hydraulic Breakers range, as well as a range of Timber, Trenchers, Augers and Rippers that can be used with or without quick couplers.

Customization With Optional Hardware
By using the Optional Accessories Program that are suitable for the Hidromek Construction Equipment, you can design your machine suitable to the specific application required.

Team Behind The Work
HIDROMEK’s engineers, who are successful experts in their fields, together with specialists across the world, continue meticulously to develop the features and performance of the HIDROMEK Backhoe Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators and Grader range.

As demonstrated with the Gen series Hydraulic Excavators as well as the HIDROMEK Maestro and SUPRA Series of Backhoe Loaders, HIDROMEK team is always striving to produce special machines that combines productivity, durability and ease-of-use for the end user.

Through its special production methodology, processes and facilities as well as first class components it uses, HIDROMEK once again demonstrates the underlying differences against other brands it competes with.

HIDROMEK difference is further demonstrated by precise calculations, careful customer observations and focus groups where user needs are translated into features and performance.


Being a global brand in construction machinery sector.


Manufacturing environmentally friendly and competitive products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders while contributing to the development of the society.

Our Values

  • Empathizing with our stakeholders while having communication and solving problems,
  • Developing a long term relationship with our customers and other stakeholder
  • Giving priority to occupational health and safety in all our activities,
  • Strictly complying with the laws and regulations,
  • Being transparent in business operations,
  • Abiding by the work ethics,
  • Appreciating people and labor,
  • Giving importance to the ideas and suggestions of our stakeholders,
  • Working efficiently.
  • Quality Policy

    Quality serves as a reference point, showing us the way as we advance forward according to our targets, ideas, general purpose and the expectations of all our employees in providing customer satisfaction.

    The target of all our employees is to realize a quality beyond the expectations of our customers in all our production and service processes according to our values. We are under the assumption that reaching this target in the healthiest way and meeting the now more selective, more conscious customer demands is possible by the effective application of the Quality Management System.

    • We can list the benefits of the Management System we have formed for this purpose in our establishment as;
    • Providing a corporate identity in variable environment conditions and reaching the determined mission with an effective vision,
    • Providing a competitive advantage in our sector, increasing our competitive force, winning in leader characteristics, creating a strong image and a maintaining a sense of reliability,
    • Improving satisfaction and contributing to the process, the importance within the process, and the consciousness levels of the employees,
    • Putting well determined targets into compliance with the purpose,
    • Doing a job punctually in the best possible way,
    • Preventing wastage and increasing efficiency,
    • Reducing costs in all our processes,
    • Increasing environmental sensitivity,
    • Reducing risks regarding Work Health and Safety,
    • Continuous development.
    For the sustainability of the Quality Management System formed in our firm, the system is adapted into the organization as integrated, reachable and clear targets are determined, coordination necessary for reaching the targets are provided, effective, traceable, measurable control mechanisms are formed and all these penetrate into the system with a strong communication network.

    Service Support

    As an extension to our product offering and to further complement our commitment to continuous and high productivity, HIDROMEK service support is available in various points across the world.

    Our engineers, professional service teams, mobile service vans and local facilities are always available with the required tools and parts to minimize any potential downtime for its customers machines.

    After Sales Services

    Hidromek After Sales Services Directorate conducts its work in such a manner so as to ensure high quality service and immediate spare parts supply. It keeps up to date with the developments in the sector by conducting continuous training sessions for its service staff and it provides immediate responses to its customers needs through an understanding approach.

    In the facility on the Ankara, Istanbul road 17th Km. which has an area of 27.737m2 , there are spare part storage units equipped with barcode systems in a 5700 m2 area, a service station in a 2418m2 area and a training area of 478 m2. It provides service and spare part supplies from a total of 56 points, of which 53 of them are private domestic authorized service, and 88 branches abroad. While providing these services to its customers abroad, all types of technical and logistic support is provided from its units in Turkey and Spain.

    Spare Parts and Service

    SSH Spare part units aim is to carry out speedy and accurate supply of the spare parts of all the Hidromek machines sold domestically and abroad. Hidromek After Sales Services Unit aims to provide fast and high quality service to its customers through its fully equipped workshops, which feature a technological infrastructure and expert personnel. Necessary support for all domestic and international services is provided by the Ankara Centre After Sales Services. In this sector, where time is critical, in order to provide faster service to its customers, in addition to the Ankara Center SSH plaza, there are plazas in Tarsus, Elazig and Trabzon where spare parts are kept and service is provided. A total of 770 experienced and qualified employees, of which over 120 are part of the After Sales Services team and 650 are part of the authorized service team within the Hidromek structure, are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Design Turkey 2010
    Good Design Award

    Export Stars of Turkey 2009
    Exporter of the Year

    Design Turkey 2008
    Superior Design Award

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    Institutionalization and Quality

    Referans Newspaper
    2008 Hizli Balik Awards
    (Fast Fish Awards)

    iF Product Design Award 2012
    Germany iF Product Design Award 2012

    Good Design 2011
    America-Chicago Product Design 2011