Hidden Gallery is a fruition of many years of design experience of both Mike and Preeti Knowles. Mike started his career in the UK, working with companies such as Roche Bobois.

Preeti and Mike later set up their interior design studio in London in the swanky St John's Wood High Street. Their clientele was high end residential as well as commercial.The next step was a furniture export business from India which is still going strong many years later. It was partly due to this business that Mike and Preeti moved to India 15 years ago, with no intention of staying for so long.

The excitement of working with local craftsmen and materials led to some unusual furniture being produced, which has become the hallmark of Mike and Preeti's company. Ayurvedic woods such as neem and jamun were used to make furniture with organic shapes, among a variety of other experimental furniture. Many projects have been completed successfully over the years.

The interiors at the Hidden Gallery have a strong European aesthetic, due to the fact that Mike and Preeti were both weaned on design in the UK. Most of the products for their interiors are designed and made in their workshops. The range goes from farmhouse rustic to fine furniture.

Preeti believes an interior is a bit like set design. The excitement lies in putting form to a client's dream, and adding the design expertise to make it a reality. The USP of Hidden Gallery is natural wood, and honest, down to earth materials combined to make furniture and accessories that look rich and warm. We welcome you to visit our store and let us design your next interior, be it your home or your next commercial project.

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Owner: Mike Knowles