Hevea Furniture was founded in 2005 by a visionary, Mr.E.Rajendran. In doing so, he has proudly carried the legacy of his trendsetter father Mr. Ezhumalai, the founder of Shri Jayabharatham & Co in the year 1937, offering cane furniture. Mr. Rajendran has pioneered this transition from handmade furniture to wooden furniture business in a wide range, in tune with changing trends and customer requirements.

A furniture enterprise that was to become the face of furniture industry in Chennai grew from the inventiveness and courage of a teenager who single-handedly set up, manufactured and marketed his produce from his one-man workshop to British clientele way back in 1937. N P Ezhumalai contributed to his family kitty as an eleven year old, working as a helper in a furniture-making company in Rattan Bazar, Chennai. Six years later, in 1937 the boy started his own small one-man workshop, Jayabharatam, in Royapettah, near the famous Swagat Hotel, for handmade cane furniture. Endowed with grit and determination, the young man carried heavy furniture on his shoulders and on a cycle to go around town to sell his products. Soon he began supplying cane furniture to British clients in Adyar.

As business grew, Ezhumalai trained and inducted young men in his workshop. He was soon supplying furniture to south Indian clients across India through goods train. As an entrepreneur Ezhumalai was far ahead of his time. Decades ago, he outsourced artists who made sketches of furniture in their showroom, which were then printed as a catalogue and distributed free.

In the 1950s and early 1960s Jayabharatham was the only furniture workshop and showroom in Royapettah. Soon the trained young men from his workshop left to set up their own enterprises. In days to come, Royapettah High Road and the by-lanes in the vicinity acquired the pride of place in Chennai as an exclusive centre for furniture showrooms and Jayabharatham was the only reason for this remarkable emergence of a furniture hub in Chennai.

Jayabharatham became a household name in furniture transforming the culture of hospitality and lifestyle of three generations of people from the south, infusing comfort and aesthetics in their abodes, offices and other enterprises. Ezhumalai’s staff strength had gone up to 150 when he passed away in 1979. In one life-time Ezhumalai had established himself as the father of cane furniture in India and had created a furniture hub in the city of Chennai. Ezhumalai’s first son was running the cane factory after the demise of the patriarch. After laying the foundation for a furniture hub in the city of Chennai Jayabharatham stepped into the next milestone in 1986 when E. Rajendran, the younger son entered the family business, but with a new game plan and a different format. As an engineer, he understood that it was possible to mechanize in wooden furniture and that internationally, amazing advances had been made in the manufacture of wooden furniture.

E. Rajendran laid the foundation for Hevea Group in 1986 and impelled the transition from handmade furniture to machine-made wooden furniture in their new showroom near Pilot theatre in Royapettah High Road, close to the first showroom set up by his father. Today, with 78 years of experience, Jayabharatham Furniture & Appliances Group is a trailblazer in the branded furniture market and modern retail format. Offering world class furniture comparable to that of any other country, Hevea has created its own furniture brands including Hevea, Modfurn and Touchwood, the latter being designated to emerge as their national and global brand.

“Hevea is on par with Europe, China, and Malaysia in terms of quality, material, workmanship etc.,” says E. Rajendran, the Managing Director of Hevea Group. E. Rajendran is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of Chennai who has built an amazing furniture empire that has put Chennai on the global map. His remarkable success in creating a niche home grown retail brand single-handedly is an inspiration to aspiring young entrepreneurs.


International Equipments, International Standards

Hevea is well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery imported mainly from Germany and Italy. Right from processing the timber till taking out finished products, the processes are completely streamlined. This ensures efficiency and consistency in all stages of manufacturing resulting in excellent quality and durability in the wooden furniture manufactured by Hevea.

Various Quality systems are incorporated into the manufacturing process thus ensuring consistency at every stage. The plant is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

Hevea is an environmentally responsible manufacturing facility employing designated norms in pollution control and waste recycling. Hevea does not employ child labour.

Constant Innovation, Search for newer technologies and better quality and a futuristic approach towards business keeps Hevea Group abreast of all competitions.