Life Will Be Easier and Enjoyable With the Technology in Furniture By Hettich

Hettich is a family owned company of Hettich family with Dr. Andreas Hettich taking charge from 2007. It all started in 1888 when Karl Hettich developed cuckoo clocks. In 1928 August Hettich developed piano hinges. He started setting up furniture industry with his furnishing activities. Then in 1930 August, Paul and Franz Hettich started manufacturing furniture products. They came to India and with the joint venture between Hettich group and Saroj Poddar group established Hettich India Pvt. Ltd. it was established in 2000 and today it is the market leader with a sustainable profit growth. Company has a customer base of 1500 that consist of furniture manufacturers, kitchen manufacturers, large and small Dealers. With offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata they are ready to fulfill need of people.

They have won a number of awards like in 2013 owl Entrepreneur of the year, Sedus Supplier Award, Assmann Bestows Supplier Award and many more. In 2009 EU presented them Green building award because of the environment friendly office building. With the flexibility in executives, staff and team they are a family friendly company. Company provides world class services to their partners. They help them in marketing activities so that they can convince the customer to select from the wide range of its products. They have highly experience staff and engineers working together to make innovate and quality products and services. They have experts for fitting and packaging. They work on their products keeping in mind design, functionality and technology producing a quality of fittings and good furniture for home and working places.

Hettich provides its partners with broad support in marketing. So you can convince your customers of the unique practical and convenience value of your furniture using technology from Hettich. Effectively, professionally and focusing on the target group. Choose from a diverse range of products and use their benefits to your own advantage.

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Intelligent kitchens
Life in the kitchen is made easier and more enjoyable if interiors are well-organised. The Intelligent Kitchens concept from Hettich shows you how to make sure they are.
Packed with expertise in fittings and packaging.
Individually tailored packaging concepts ensure maximum customer benefit. Minimised inventory, less tied-up capital, easier checks and co-ordination, ready-assembled products, less administrative work, efficient ordering.
Reliable Interpack processes and logistical concepts optimised to provide maximum benefit to the customer ensure quality planning and production.


To design different solutions they use ProDecor Configurator to visualize.

Hettich gets 'Q in Gold' from Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances

In 2012 and 2011 Hettich received the European seal of quality 'Q in Gold' award in the category 'Cooking' for oven pullouts.

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausger'te GmbH presents this vendor award to suppliers who operate an excellent quality management system. The award is coordinated with all the European plants in the 'cookers' product area. The foundation of this success is the quality awareness of all the colleagues within the Hettich Group.

Owl Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013

Yesterday Dr. Andreas Hettich was named as East Westphalia-Lippe's entrepreneur of the year 2013. This two-yearly award is made by the Die Familienunternehmer - ASU association and the Bielefeld Banking Association to managing directors of family firms that are characterised by visionary corporate management along with innovative personnel management and product development. The winners are also exemplary in terms of voluntary work and social commitment.

Hettich Received Family-Friendly Company Award

Setting store by the flexibility of staff, teams and executives, Hettich's die-casting and injection-moulding plant in Frankenberg offers many different ways of combining work and family life. On 25 April 2012, Hettich's die-casting and injection-moulding plant was honoured by the "Work and Family Life Waldeck-Frankenberg" alliance as being a model company in the family-friendliness stakes. No fewer than 23 companies entered their campaigns and activities in three categories. The judging panel had selected ten contestants to go through to the final round.

Day in, day out, many of the staff put on a truly amazing performance. They manage to balance work, family and partner relationship. Hettich helps to reconcile the two worlds of work and family life in numerous ways. This is where it follows the approach that a family-friendly human resources policy pays its dividends in the long term. The aim is to promote a positive working climate as a means of attracting and retaining well-qualified members of staff. Family orientation is a clear commitment to social and civic responsibility. Together with staff and their line managers, individually tailored solutions are found that are geared to family and work. "Family-friendly companies encourage young people with children to work and live in our district", explained Dr. Reinhard Kubat, Chief Administrative Officer of the Rural District of Waldeck-Frankenberg. This made them a valuable instrument in combatting the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change.

Beate Friedrich, Women's Commissioner and Competition Organiser, Uwe Kleemann, HDS Management, Britta Trompeter, HDS Human Resources Officer, Dr. Reinhard Kubat, Chief Administrative Office of the Rural District of Waldeck-Frankenberg (from left to right).

Sedus Supplier Award

Sedus Systems once again named Hettich best supplier on 17 April 2012. Gunter Doren, Head of Purchasing at Sedus Systems, and Martin Doller, Head of Group Purchasing/Logistics at Sedus Stoll AG, presented the certificate in person at the Hettich Forum in Kirchlengern.

The Hettich Group was able to impress in the fields of "quality, logistics, service and co-operation". This achievement was honoured with the Sedus Supplier Award. 

Hettich supplies Geseke-based Sedus System with the Systema Top 2000 organisational system. The full-range supplier of office furnishings and workplace concepts regularly appraises its suppliers for the purpose of being able to offer top-quality products to its customers and specialist retailers. Turning over Euro 152.3 million (2010) and employing some 894 members of staff, the Sedus Stoll Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of office furniture.

Peter Kuppen, HMV Office and White Goods Management, Michael Lehmkuhl, Head of Quality Assurance, Office and White Goods, Dimitri Gorzen, Account Manager, Office, Martin Doller, Head of Group Purchasing/Logistics at Sedus Stoll, Gunter Doren, Head of Purchasing at Sedus Systems, Eckhard Meier, HPH Management (from left to right). 

Assmann Bestows Supplier Award

As part of Assmann's philosophy of continuous improvement, the Melle based office-furniture manufacturer scrutinises its procurement management track record at the end of each and every business year. 
Alongside material management and purchasing processes, an internal project team also examines the delivery and service quality of key suppliers. After winning in 2001 and 2002, Hettich now for the third time ranks first among the 20 top suppliers for 2010. The official award presentation took place on 15 March 2011 at Assmann's Training and Exhibition Centre.

Dirk Abmann and Peter Kuppen at the official presentation of the Assmann Supplier Award 2010 (from left to right).

National Green Building Award For The Hettich Forum

On 25 November 2009, the Hettich Group received the first national "Green Building Award 2009" to be presented by the European Union for the Hettich Forum in Kirchlengern, Germany. The award is evidence of the forward-pointing design and construction of the exhibition and office building with its impressive architecture and energy balance.