Chief aim of Hero Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher was to produce high and optimum quality ensured door holders and catchers at most competitive price range that can be afforded by middle class Indian families. In order to realize this aim, Mr. Haresh employed best and skilled craftsmen instilling them with a pride feeling to add high quality in door holder and catcher. Long lasting services, premium quality and excellent support is what they aim at primarily. They are truly dedicated and committed to make products with higher efficiency and long durability.

Since the year 1992, Henzer played vital role in magnetic industry. And since the year 1996, they are engaged in the manufacture of magnetic door catcher field and magnetic door holders. Mr. Haresh Patel supervises all the processes of manufacturing. He is known as an experienced and specialists in production processes. They have excelled the field of manufacturing different kinds of magnetic door catcher. A varied range of magnetic material is used by them in a number of shapes and sizes comprising of ring, blocks, segments, arcs, discs and much more. A research and development department is set up by them ensuring best and premium quality of products. Quality control centre solves problems that are generally occurred in quality and production. All the products are passed through stringent and international quality tests.

They export magnetic products in Asia and many countries. Magnetic products are put into multiple applications in different sectors. Production and delivery of production is done in an organized and we ll-assembled manner for international businesses. Numerous developments bespeak for the success story of Hero India. They also have launched many new and innovative products in the market. Customers are provided with end to end solutions through phone and customized customer assistance to receive 100% customer satisfaction.

As per the standards and advancement in today’s technologies, that has employed a professional and highly diligent team that helps them to maintain healthy terms with clients and individual customers as well. Along with proper control on quality and cost of products, they specify lead time with innumerable range of designs. This is why they pursue immense capabilities to develop quality ensured products and cater flexible services to customers. They follow ‘quality first adhering to the mission statement’.

Manufacturing & Export

Magnetic door catchers and door holders manufacturer
They are leading manufacturer of door holders and catchers. In fact, catchers and holders manufactured by them have become a synonym of style, unique designs and contemporary trend. Hero, Henzer, Hozone and Holvo are the four brands manufactured by them. The important and considerable thing about this collection of door holders/catchers is that all the products in this are well crafted and shaped amazingly with defined curves. An assortment of designs and colors are also available to win the hearts of customers suiting their taste and interest. They strive receive customer satisfaction providing them complete value of their money.

Manufacturer of high quality magnetic doors catchers holders
In order to produce magnetic door catchers/holders of high quality, they have established an iron boron factory which is their own investment. It gives output of 30, 00, 00 door catchers and holders every month. Other than that, there are many trusted factories are associated with them. The company manages to keep long lasting and healthy relationships with these associates. These reliable companies export magnetic materials along with rubber magnet. Advanced technology and modern equipments are used to satisfy stringent quality standards as expected by their esteemed customers. The constantly update quality and management skills to cater sustainability and authenticity in products. Products are not only manufactured by them but they export the same also due to ever changing and increasing demands of customers.

Quality Policy

The Hero Magnetic doors and catchers are enlisted among the top most and prominent manufacturers of magnetic door catchers/holders. They have a promising positive attitude to understand the needs and requirements of every single client and fulfill those demands and expectations accordingly with the quality controlled products. Quality control is measured to meet the desire of constant growth that enables them to achieve immense success and glory. At present they are recognized as the largest exporters and manufacturers. Customers are proffered with amazingly distinctive designs that are one of their kinds when it comes to strength, style and looks. Their main aim is quality and they do not think anything else except that. Some of this steps are listed below.

  • Quality Management responsible for overall management
  • Product safety and liability
  • Personnel management and training
  • Quality in marketing
  • Quality in production
  • Quality in specification and design
  • Quality in procurement
  • Control of production to guarantee a fresh stock
  • Product certifications and verifications
  • Control of Non-conformity
  • Corrective action
  • Purchaser supplied product

The company guarantees tough products with quality assurance at every stage of production until the product is delivered at your door step. A series of some steps are followed to maintain the quality policy in all the products. Hence, if a guest coming to visit your home, don't get panicked due to the glasses and doors slamming on their face, as budget friendly magnetic holders and catchers manufactured by Hero magnetic catchers/holders are there always.

ISO Certificates

We have thousands of customers and suppliers from local and international markets. And we always try to make them happy with our porduct's quality. We have certificates which speak about our quality. We are in market since 1995 and in short perioad we have more then 50 certificates.