Every building construction also requires proper fitting of pipelines before its final finishing for proper inflow and out flow of water supply and connections. Once the finishing touch has been given to the building, it becomes very difficult to mend or repair any kind of pipeline connection because in today’s world, these pipelines are generally fixed inside the walls for non visibility. Thus it is mandatory to use best and high quality pipelines for construction which possess long lasting durability.

For this purpose, CPVC and UPVC pipes are considered to be the most suitable, durable and reliable pipes. One of the leading manufacturers of these CPVC and UPVC pipes in India are HB group who have attained huge popularity and fame through their quality products. Basically CPVC pipes are made up of Chlorinated polyvinyl Chloride whereas UPVC pipes are made up of unplasticized polyvinyl Chloride. Both types of pipes are used for different purposes. HB group has evolved as a major brand name for the production and supply of these pipes across India.

In the year 1976, a huge blow storm came in the market of Pipe fittings of cast iron in the form of HB group. This group has developed steadily with the passage of time and has been continuously rising in the growth chart with the passing of every year. They have created their benchmark in this industry by achieving the standard trademark of ISI which is itself a symbol of quality and trust. They have involved themselves in continuously expanding their business by improving their quality, range and customer services.

The repeated growth and increased demands of this company has helped them in creating a new individual unit for the manufacturing of their products in the year 2009. Throughout the years that have been passed, they have been able to maintain their pride in terms of industry standards and changing trends. The year 2011 marks the introduction of UPVC and CPVC pipe fittings in HB group of Industry keeping in mind the altering needs of the people. With this introduction a whole new and advanced range of products were launched by the HB group.

HB Group announces the Launch of UPVC Pipes & Fittings !

21 February 2012: It is a matter of pride as HB Group announces the launch of its UPVC Pipes & Fittings today. We thank all our worthy dealers for their patience. These fittings are currently available in Bengal and will soon spread over the rest of India. HB UPVC Pipes & Fittings adhere to world class standards, best of the raw materials are being used in carefully controlled environment to achieve a magnificent finish on the products.

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