Furniture possesses a significant importance in day to day life of every common human being. Whether it is your home, your work place or some other professional place, furniture plays the key role in the interior designing of every building. The full and final touch to the interiors of any building is given by choosing the appropriate furniture for it. Traditionally people used wooden furniture having common designs but now the trend has changed and so is the choice of individual. Now people prefer different kinds of material for furniture purpose in various innovative designs.
One of the leading furniture manufacturing companies that have emerged as a globally recognized company for furniture manufacturing is Haworth India which has expanded its business in India and various other parts of the world with its quality products and services. They are completely committed to provide high quality, superior design, long lasting and sustainable furniture to the people which meet out their needs and requirements.

Their Vision

Haworth will be a sustainable corporation. They engage their employees in more sustainable practices; they initiate and use processes that are neutral or improve our environment; and they utilize their resources in ways that create adaptable and sustainable workspace solutions for  customers. They do all of this globally to protect and restore their environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen  communities.

Their Sustainability Policy

They take complete responsibility of sustainability of their products. In order to ensure this, they have their own certain commitments which they continuously follow. They are:

  • They will use education and innovation to promote environmental stewardship and enable the design and construction of more sustainable buildings and workspaces
  • They will continuously improve operational performance, not only internally but also throughout our supply chain, with a focus on preventing pollution, reducing waste, and reducing consumption of non-renewable resources.
  • They will use benchmarked performance targets, conduct audits, track metrics, and annually report on our corporation's environmental performance.
  • They will be proactive, continually adapting our practices and behaviors to new developments in technology, health and environmental science.
  • They will meet or exceed applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to the environmental aspects of the organization.

Their Products

Varied range of furnishing products for various purposes includes:

  • Seating furniture for work places, offices, schools, houses and hotels.
  • Furnishing systems for various offices by making the best appropriate use of the space available.
  • Different varieties of desks for both official and personal use.
  • Different types of storage systems like cabinets and wardrobes.
  • Variant designer tables serving different purposes.
  • Floorings, wall divisions, and various other accessories are also available.

All these furniture of Haworth are strictly designed according to your need, choice and budget in wide designs. Live a tension free life for years without thinking about the maintenance of this furniture. All your modern requirements regarding furniture can be fulfilled at Haworth which suits your interior as well as budget. All these services and products are the backbone of Haworth?s popularity.