Hasan Shabeer

Hasan Shabeer

He says from his investment banky days, he thought an ability to prioritise, execute on deadline and attentions to detail with interior design by coordinating with D Avenue.

He Says a large part of D Avenue is our firm looks at all the projects and leads the team [founder,co founder and Me]know what they need to pay attention to anything the actual checks going coordinating and tracking project progress. These our team of amazing clients services specialists. We have scored the earth to find the most lovely dream have to put into reality.

Hey vendors, do you want to get in front of these people They do.

He says working on the Interior Design, Commercial Design, Exterior Designs and Constructions for D Avenue is a lot of fun and challenging. Open floor plans are great but they don't necessarily work for Everyone's Style.

D Avenue did a great job and obviously. i am a little Biased.

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Hasan Shabeer