Harkirat S. Sodhi

Harkirat S. Sodhi
Harikat S.Sodhi earned his knowledge in Painting & Sculpture from College of Art Delhi, in Interior Architecture from RIID England. in Different forms of Art from France & Italy and in Photography from various workshops in India & abroad.

His experience in life depicted in the powerful portrayal of live and still forms have left a distinct stamp on his atistic expression. There's a constant need to discover something new, an experience that is reflected in his works as well.

Art has been an aspect of his self expressbn and over the 27 years it's been a rewarding journey as he mastered the mechanics of the artistic process. In his works, the influence of the great masters, who were an inspiration throughout, is visible.

Each new medium poses a challenge for him. His desire to experiment in so many fields of creative life has seen him dabble in architecture, photo montage, paintings, sculptures and furniture designing, enriching experiences all! 

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Riid England
Interior Architecture

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Harkirat S. Sodhi