There two basic things which are essentially required in every building construction without which they are incomplete. These two things include a bathroom and a kitchen. They both are a basic necessity of every residential or commercial building. However their sizes and designs may differ according to the type of building. Since the 21st century is a completely modernized generation, people desire everything to be modern and up to date. Whether it is your vehicle or your home, they desire every single and small entity to be according to the latest trends of modern world. Similar is the case with Bathroom and kitchen accessories.

The old traditional patterns and designs of bathrooms and kitchen are not prevalent in today’s world. People are running towards modern and modular accessories for bathrooms and kitchen as well. Among numerous companies of bathroom accessories and kitchen accessories, the company which outstands is Hansgrohe India. It is basically a Germany based company which has created its roots in India as well as across the world. Typically based on German technology, the products of Hansgrohe India provide a wide range of designs and patterns of bathroom and kitchen accessories along with the assurance of high quality.

Talking about the history and existence of this company, they have been a pioneer in the field of bathroom and kitchen accessories since 1901. Within the experience of 110 years, they have always maintained their philosophy of providing perfection in the form as well as in function. This is the reason why they have been able to meet out the industry standards in the most appropriate way and always step ahead of other competitors. They have always maintained standard in terms of innovation, creativity and technology. All these unique selling points of Hansgrohe India have bagged them with numerous international awards and titles every year in spite of the huge and tough competition existing.

Design Awards

Till now, they have been able to capture total 300 international awards in terms of best quality products, best quality services and outstanding designs from various forums of designs which includes International forum for design awards. All these achievements of Hansgrohe have helped them in shaping a brand image as the most flourishing German designers till now across the world. They comprise of intelligent, creative and smart team of professional workers who understand the choices and requirements of individuals according to the latest trends in the best suitable way and bring out the most appropriate innovation for their use.

reddot design award best of the best

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

Design Plus

iF product design award gold

Focus Open

Designpreis Deutschland (Design Award of Germany) - gold

iF product design award 2014

iF ranking 2014 company position 17