A hammock is use for relaxation and it represents the leisure condition. It is described as a sling which is made by a material like rope or fabric or net. It has two firm points hanging with tree trunks or with metal / wooden stand. It was firstly used in South America but at present days it is used in broad way. You can see the people relaxing on hammock at many resorts or hotels near beach. It is also used at home in front porch or backyard for relaxing or for sleeping purpose. It is used as a light weight bed which a person can carry it easily on a trip. It is also a symbol of summer vacation. In most of the tourist resorts you can easily see the hammocks hanging under the trees. Hangit is a well known hammock store which avails their services online in India. It provides all the hammocks type for sale it to online. With great collection of hammocks product of different types like outdoor hammocks, Camping hammocks, Swing and many more, it introducing great service in India.

Popular Hammocks types
Camping hammocks- It is ideal for you if you are planning for a picnic with your friends at weekend or in holidays. This comes with fly and the rain trap. It can be carried easily.
Hammock swings-These are in chair shape and perfect for a small lawn at your home. It can also be adjusted in rooms for watching T.V. or foe relaxing and sleeping.
Kids Hammocks-A special hammock designed for children. It is soft and available in many varieties such as cocoon swing, crow’s nest and also hanging hammocks.
Wooden Hammocks- These are long durable hammocks which are maintenance free. It can easily hold more than single person weight.