Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors

Swing, Chair, Banana, Eno, Beach, Camping, Hiking & What Not Options To Use Hammocks For Relaxing. These Unique Collections Of Hammocks Will Entice You To Opt One.

May 29, 2015
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Hammock the word originated from fish nets, it’s a flexible strap used to support a hanging weight which probably described their appearance. Hammocks are popular nowadays for relaxing in nature as swing, chair, stand or bed. They can be placed in backyard patio, porch and indoors for leisure lounging as well as during outdoor travel on the beach, poolside, camping and hiking. It has spread widely because of its benefit of sleeping off the ground which protects from animals, snakes and insects. Campers and hikers have an added advantage of placing hot coals under them to provide warmth from extreme weather conditions. It’s an ultimate experience to relax while sleeping or resting on swing or chair hammock, banana or eno hammock and beach or camping hammock. Sling suspended in the air gives cool breeze as it allows ventilation with maximum space. Composed of fabric, net and rope, it’s important to make sure the hang is ideal for a good night sleep and it should resemble the shape of a smile or a banana else it’ll limp in the middle or squeeze your shoulders if it’s too tight.

Due to its swaying it has added advantage to cure insomnia, reduces stress, synchronizes brain waves and has cognitive benefits on our mind’s development with better relaxation. While it’s available in huge variety of styles with similar function, they differ in purpose, form and construction. Slide through the guide for a complete perspective of choosing the right hammock intended according to the climate, location, style, material, choice and installation options.

Rope Hammock

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Rope hammock offers excellent air-flow for short term rest or nap and usually incorporates a wooden spreader bar system at its ends. Natural cotton or hemp is more flexible but not durable than nylon/polyester ropes. These are large enough to share but enjoyed alone and measures 80"x52". It's also known as inline hammocks.

Make your backyard decor enjoyable, personal and functional with this portable nautical nets in shade or sunny spot for comfortable outdoor living. Transform your backyard by placing the hammock in a secluded area for tranquil retreat or a contemporary style hammock frame.

Crochet Hammock

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Gorgeous breathable crochet hammocks for relaxation and rejuvenation are not just tent substitutes to hikers and campers. They can also help keep out open floor space under them for storing belongings in a small room by simply hanging its middle to the ceiling and forming a tent house. For outdoor rain cover use a canvas tarp to drain off rain water over them. They come in different styles and are made of rope, fabric or string netting and require no maintenance.

  • Brazilian Hammocks-Use thick, heavy and closely woven cotton fabric and are more durable than woven string. They are stable even without spreader bars.

  • Nicaraguan Hammocks-Are made of breathable cotton or nylon decorative strings double weaved. It does not snag clothes and gives luxurious appeal.

  • Mayan Hammocks-Brightly coloured, soft, flexible and rugged with loose netting. Thin cotton or nylon strings support depends on number and quality of woven strings.

  • Venezuelan Hammocks-Or 'Jungle Hammocks' are much like naval and canvas hammocks. Made of nylon, polyester and Dacron. The occupant can only sleep along the length and are usable around water and areas infested with fly inspects with compartment for sand fly trap, false bottoms, dip strings and rain fly.

Floating Bed

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Inventor John Huff thought of an ideal experience of a rocking motion in an omni pendulum with overhead suspension along with adjustable height. This bed brings along a sense of opulence and combat insomnia, much resembles to a hanging teepee. Proven to create a deep sense of relaxation and has major health benefits like better sleep, increased energy levels, better circulation and relaxation.

Looks like hammock in Avatar with varied plush bedding to nest-like woven designs. Best suited for uncluttered interiors and visually adds more space in small apartments. Take your home to next level with matching theme.

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Suspended Macramé Chair

For the centuries old boho chic design, this can be easy, inexpensive and a lot fun than buying. DIY project but tiring and consumes a lot of time. Can nestle you in its cocoon pocket and swing its way. Few supplies and knotting technique with a little bit of mathematical trials and error while you tie through the designs.

Dose away or catch with a good book in this laziest and most comfortable fish net bed, hang to a tree, solid beam or simply a stand. Cotton or nylon fibers can take up to 120kgs of weight but they tend to loosen up over time.

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Relaxing Hammock

What to say about this Relaxing Hammock, just spend some time and recharge your batteries, get relaxed after a whole day's fatigue in this soft fabric. You can hang it inside or outside of your house. Surely, your garden tree shade can be the best place for this purpose.

These can be hung in balcony, near ponds, beach house, in middle of a living room, terrace, backyard, under a gazebo and pergola for a afternoon nap or summer retreat. 

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Woorock Hammock Swing

Woorock Hammock Swing is a Stylish Hammock Chair designed by Georg Bechter, useful for your indoor. It is designed to match the comfort levels of users who like to indulge themselves after an exhausting day of work. It can easily be folded, unfolded and stored due to its stylish design and is accessible to anyone-anywhere and anytime! It's an exceptional option for modern users with it's visual and functional appeal. 

Great use over a rooftop deck and to enjoy a sunset. When almost flat, it occupies extremely little space and measures 247"L by 110"H by 85"W.

Quilted hammocks

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Similar to rope hammocks as it contains a spreader bar but it features two layers of fabric with filling of polyester material between them to offer comfort. These are reversible with solid on one and pattern on other side for versatility and two in price of one.

Ideal for cool regions for additional warmth. With no gaps in the surface its safe and great choice to use for kids as they would not tangle themselves like within rope or any other nautical wire hammock. These thick fabric can be hung from trees which are 13 to 17 feet apart or by a stand.

hammock Swing chair

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Hanging an outdoor chair makes your home and backyard more inviting and stylish. Recessed floating throne combines gentle sway of hammock and rocking chair with letting your feet dangle. They are available in various colours, materials, sizes and designs.

  • Porch, Patio, backyard, balcony and garden, live up these places with hammock chairs to add comfortable relaxing fun and decorative accents.

  • Enjoy peaceful time outside sunbathing, reading, watching kids, knitting or just relaxing with friends and family on calm days in summer, spring and fall.

Hang a chair made of wicker, wood, leather, brass and aluminium, brass and steel, felt, cotton and macrame fabrics with soft cushions to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

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Woven Strap Hammock

Woven Strap Hammock is made of Polyester/olefin weather resistance with zinc plated rings and chain for hanging purpose. It is well suitable for two persons in a time and having weight capacity of 250Kgs. This design and shape makes you feel comfortable. This product with its sides takes very less space and looks great even in a small apartment or a balcony.

The unique braided weave can be hanged in between trees using tree straps, tree hooks or braided cords on 15 foot metal or wooden stands. Discover the ease of hammock life as it says "It beats the ground".

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Hushamok-hammock swing for baby

Inspired from the traditional cradles these baby hammock bed designed to provide good sleep and rest to baby along with making their parents rest too. Perfect for day and night sleep as it provides gestation sensation, there's something soothing that helps baby quickly fall asleep. These portable stands add nursery decor to indoor and garden area made up of natural fabric with comfort, safety, stable frame and right size.

Wood, metal and natural fabric can take 9-10kgs weight and helps improve baby's psychological and physical development with rhythmic movement. Functional, convenient and safe designs vary in colours, size and shape to make nursery decor attractive and pleasant.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 11

Leaf Swing

Alberto Sanchez inspired by the falling of leaves in autumn designed the sunset glints through the leaf holes dimensioning: (700 X 300 X 350) mm available in any colour and texture, creating sweet shadows. Ideal for your garden or simply hang it to a tree. The elegant design is surely a desirable one. Cute, delicate and practical lacing of this design in the form of leaf reminds of tranquille times.

This garden accessory will make you a kid again and that is amazing. Fanning about the swing in the sunset, call in some friends and let kids play.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 12

Cacoon Hangstoel Tent

Designed by Aramrung, this nature inspired hanging nest Cocoon Hammock is also called swing chair, garden hanging seat or hammock for you and your little ones to spend their joyful time there. It can accommodate two people. Made up of fabric, cotton and polyester in pure white colour. You may use it indoor or outdoor of your house and it can be fold or unfold anytime or anywhere.

While away the hours-whether alone or cocooned with your best bud. Best for kids to make an amazing den along with making epic memories. It'll withstand the elements; wind and rain, sun and sea with high quality natural canvas and weather-proof colours.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 13

Playful and Funky Pet Hammock

Keep your pets busy, happy and playful with bringing fun activities to their life. Practical, unique, comfortable and attractive looking cat and dog hammock furniture adds charming accents to pet friendly modern homes.

These are made of wood and pet friendly fabric. Portable or spot being relaxing furniture for indoor as well outdoor. The frame can be dismantled without tools and fabric range according to season; wool for winter and light microfiber fabrics for summer.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 14

luxury hammock

These lovely hammocks are dedicated to the best memories of summer. To long walks on the beach, spectacular mountain lakes and unforgettable romantic moments. Reminiscing about all these calls for a special atmosphere. It creates proper mood for this summer's good memories, as well as for creating new ones. 

Luxury Hammock reflects many things by its name. With floral and stripes motif, it is a 100% spun polyster canvas and is completely waterproof and can be used outside. It can be tied to a tree or on the pillars of your home. 

The Foot Hammock

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 15

A pro gamer or a workaholic, sitting at desk miss indulging in fun? Rather than propping dirty feet allow the best office upgrade that hangs under your desk and raises or slacks to put you to rest. The most comfortable way to sit on your desk with easy to hang clamps and rope hammock. It's clever arched center prevents knocked noggins.

So just sink yourself into this slouchy hammock and tickle your toes. Available in variety of materials breathable mesh, cozy fleece and electric-heating to fight the foot battles. It's machine washable and makes you dream you're slung between two palm trees.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 16

Pool side hammock

With exceptional fabric its meant to be enjoyed by the pool with water splash or during rainstorms without worrying as they are quick drying and water resistant. It's ideal for spending time by the pool in stylish and durable hammocks. These vinyl coated polyester or Duracord yarn are perfect for warmer or near to ocean areas. Can easily accommodate one or two people and measures 82"Lx55"W.

The fabric is water resistant, easy to clean, can take incessant wetting and drying that comes from swim suits, resistant to fading, mold and mildew. Can be placed on stand on the deck of a poolside, spread in spreader bars and just set up your oasis!

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 17

Chair Stand Wood Hammock

Outdoor Patio Hanging Hammock Swing Chair made of wood with a soft cushion. This chair will provide a great place to sit back and enjoy outdoors. The solid wood frame provides ample support while the attached umbrella gives you a bit of shade from the sun. The contoured shape of the chair curves with your body for maximum comfort while the soft green color is able to fit with any patio decor.

Grab a drink, your favorite book and sit down in this stylish yet versatile Outdoor Patio Hanging Hammock Swing Chair to enjoy the beautiful summer days to the fullest around pool side or facing beach with space saving. Canopy provides optimum shade and promotes a tranquil lifestyle.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 18

The Wave Hammock

The Wave hammock designed to convey the feeling of lying underneath the canopy of a tree, surrounded by a defined, natural space. This dramatic hammock designed by Erik Nyberg & Gustav Strom for specialist furniture seller Royal Botania. The WAVE stands on a single point, making it almost appear to be floating. But we assure you that electro-polished stainless steel stand is more than strong enough to support two adults. And with the semi-transparent canopy blocking 86% of the sun's rays there's really no reason not to spend entire afternoons in its embrace.

It's design is beyond compare, an exclusive innovation in leisure design forming both a sculpture and inviting luxurious outdoor furniture, reminding of a hammock. Available in white, cappuccino, black or turquoise colours with two base options allowing for integration at terrace or embedment into the ground. It measures an impressive 12 ft x 9.5 ft x 8 ft, yet stands on a single point. Plus, it can rotate 90 degree around the base, giving it additional flexibility depending on the position of the sun.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 19

Urban Balance Wave Hammock

This hammock has funky curved lines and is breathable. The addition of a colorful pillow is both functional and attractive. The fact that it comes in multiple colors means you can find one to fit in with your decor. Available in black, lime green, orange, red, sand, taupe, turquoise and white colours. No ocean is required with this 110" W x 55" D measuring hammock.

This hammock has been designed in the shape of urban balance wave which looks too good and attractive with well contrasted pillows on it. Indulge in Outdoor Living extravaganza. Morning is the time to smell the roses in your balcony when the sun is a bit too hot, have an umbrella and gazebo to keep you cool. Just relax by pool side with this Patio collection.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 20

Flex Wooden Hammock

The Flex Hammock designed by Adam Cornish for Box and Dice of Sydney. The hammock is made of plywood, stainless steel cable and rubber and looks as it's made of wood. Wooden frame hammocks are great for a more relaxed design. Generally they have a warm color palette and remind you of sun, sand and sea. Plus they have the advantage of being placed almost anywhere. More than that, you can find hammocks made entirely of wood. For this, bamboo is one of the most used types of wood precisely because it's extremely flexible and can be bent to build a hammock. Remember to use cushions or special mattresses and you'll have the best hammock in the world!

This Wooden Design Hammock has an expressive look and imitates human spine and is designed to flex around the body for maximum comfort due to the rubber vertebra that permits wooden segments to move around (dimensions: W 2100mm x D 1000mm x H 200mm). Made of a single plywood piece but have a good weight capability, also consider it as one of your home decor piece.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 21

Arc Wood Hammock Stand

It's a most stylish patio furniture. The Arc Wood Hammock Stand shown here with the El Natural hammock bed looks really inviting on a sunny summer day. Constructed of Shorea and Acacia Hardwoods Stand. This curved wood beam stand creates an ergonomic experience for you and a luxurious aesthetic for your home.

Put this heavy-duty hammock stand in your backyard to enjoy the sunshine right way. The sturdy cypress wood makes this beautiful hammock stand tough and durable. Adds tranquility to any outdoor patio or pool area with its new & stylish looks. This bed shaped Hammock surely convinces you to have a restful summer time. 

Hammock Accessories

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 22

Make you're camping the best experience, a little bit more can actually help being less. With the help of few relaxation accessories you could actually be spending even more time in leisurely activities by using these gears:

  • Underbelly Gear Sling-Nylon, easy within reach underbelly gear sling bags hang under the hammock and keeps out dirt while swaying.
  • Guardian Bug Net-No see-um netting helps kick back on skeeters and provide a bite-free experience before mosquitoes to chow down.
  • PakPillow Hammock-Formed from microfiber these pillows have the ability to puff back up to the original loft giving plush comfort wherever it goes.
  • Talon Ridgeline-Efficient and versatile overhead organizer sets up in seconds, can store speakers and camp lights.
  • Drip Strips-Prevent rain drops by redirecting them away from the hammock. The drip attaches to any suspension system with simple place and clip.
  • Easton Tarp Stakes-Perfect for fastening rain, utility traps. It's made of aluminium and is lightweight.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 23

Vektor slides to cover residential and commercial space

Designed by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger for Gandia Blasco, Vektor tries breaking the square stereotype. Vektor sliding curtains give the user the ability to move the curtain in any which way. The unit also contains hooks and safety rails to keep the canvas in place, giving it rigidity and protection from strong winds.

A Vektor slides is a Hammock Accessory and it is the best cover for your hammock which is useful to protect you from sun rays or rain drops. Build with quality materials and have a solid body so there is no fear of damage easily, it can also be considered as a long lasting support for your hammock. 

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 24

Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock

A fortress against evil little buzz-kills. Rest assured while camping or hosteling in a buggy area with this lightweight, durable hammock. No-see-um mesh mosquito net keeps the hordes of biting assailants at bay so you can sleep soundly. Double-sided zippers allow easy access and plenty of room to kick back and relax.

Discover the ease and comfort life while keeping bugs away. Ultra fine no-see-um Mosquito Netting is the speciality of this type of hammock, so it is more comfortable during sleep time on bay side or while camping with a breathable fabric during warm weather. It has two full length side zippers making it easily accessible for you to get in and out and includes rope that keeps the canopy suspended. It has two inner pockets to keep flashlight, drink, glass etc. in convenience.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 25

Air Bivy Extreme Shelter Hammock

Complete ultralight shelter for extreme hammocking. The perfect combination of essential hammocking gear, including the Skeeter Beeter to keep the bugs at bay, the All-Purpose Rain Fly for protection against both rain and sun and the Hammock Hanging Kit for ease of use anytime, anywhere. Perfect for extended trips with variable conditions.

One of lightest and most durable set that provides a convenient sleep while keeping bugs, rain and sunlight away. Have a great time with your Air Bivy Extreme Shelter Hammock which comes with a no-see-um mesh canopy, ripstock nylon hammock, a rainfly tarp that keeps you dry when used with hammock or independently as a sun or rain shelter, rope kit carabiners guy lines and a stuff sack. Take it with you on a go trip and it will prove more useful for you according to the weather conditions.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 26

Nylon Parachute Hammock

The do-it-all, hang-anywhere hammock. Enjoy the freedom to relax anywhere with this easy to hang, super packable and durable parachute nylon hammock. Light weight and compressible to the size of a softball, that won't let you down whether hiking, backpacking, at camp, in the backyard, beach, or park.

It is a light weight mildew resistant hammock, easy to use or hang anywhere with its durability during adventure trips for hikers, backpackers, beachcombers, park or campers, festival goers. It comes with triple stitching and nautical-grade hanging carabiners.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 27

Compatible Sleeping Bag Hammock

A match made in heaven. Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag is a brilliant solution for hammock sleeping on cool and cold nights. Most sleeping bags compress under your back when you lay in a hammock, which crushes the insulating loft and lets your back freeze. But Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag wraps around you and the hammock, creating a warm swinging nest. Hanging in the cool mountain air never felt so good.

It is an awesome idea to prevent from cold, turning your hammock into a toasty insulated cocoon. It can be more useful in winters as you can stay warm while you sleep under a starry sky with surety of better night sleep in the woods.
Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 28

Portable hammock

The Kalisto All-in-One Portable Hammock gives the ultimate relaxing experience. This portable hammock is durable enough to withstand regular use. With a carry bag and padded shoulder strap included, taking this hammock along is easy. It is lightweight and easy to set up with added features of a removable canopy that is adjustable up to 180-degree. Assembling of this Kalisto portable hammock can be done in no time as it requires just three simple steps.

This hammock design is durable and features a steel frame. It is light weight with folding facility so you can keep it in your balcony and use it again with simple setting steps. Having a carry bag, pillow and magazine holder for your use. 
Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 29

Futuristic Hammock

For modern and futuristic home designs, you don't need to worry that there are no hammock designs to fit your interior decor! There are metallic hammock frames that can match such concepts and even wooden ones with fluid lines. Like the above sleek design that fits variably most decore types.

Hammock Futuristic Design is an inspiration for Hammock manufacturers. Fluid lines are great for creating a minimalistic decor. Alternatively, you can find hammocks made up of straight lines, edgy modern designs and pieces of furniture suitable to provide your home a better look with its aesthetics.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 30

The Mua Hammock

Ergonomically design by Victor M. Aleman to fit two people kissing together. Mua means 'the sound of smacking lips' in Spanish and resembles a big heart shaped pendant. This unique shape of Mua mimics light nest of love made of steel, old rattan weaving style and inner foam cushioning, stylishly arching up.

Designed to create privacy, this innovative design is a reinvention and looks like a very organic spiral shape hammock suspended off the ground. Mua, a contemporary romantic outdoor swing created with lovers in mind embracing eachother can be used as public and private space is 60" wide, by 47" tall by 44" thick.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 31

Leaf Hammock

Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa designed Leaf Hammock inspired design by the nature and earthly systems can be used outdoor and indoor. The idea of this has transformed from a simple 'rope' object to an actual furniture piece creating a balance in one's life. First in the world that is ergonomic to sleep in. The macrame inside it is tied in a very different way than the usual one. High quality sailing ropes are tied in a way that interlocks each other while still being individual. This allows for the ropes to be exchanged one by one instead of changing the entirely.

Leaf Hammock is a simple example of simple things turned into extra ordinary and useful stuff, being made of ship ropes it can hold 180kgs for short time relaxation. This cradle is used as a contemporary furniture piece and is spacious to accommodate two people. 

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 32

Triple Hammock

The Trinity Hammocks are a great solution for spending quiet, relaxing time in different locations as a family of three or together with two other best friends. Designed for those who love comfort along with socializing. The Trinity Hammocks is a very creative, long-lasting and good quality design, are available as hand-woven or quilted. Those who are passionate for the sea and enjoy catching the sunset on the beach will be pleased to discover that the hammocks are waterproof. You have the option to also get a separate hammock for some time alone, but the original trinity version is a piece that allows many possibilities of sharing unique moments with your loved ones.

The Triple Hammock design is perfect for family and friends on relaxing trip where three members can enjoy the moments. Inspiring hammock with white fabric and metal pyramid frame in the middle of a garden or beach during sunset at the bay side with your love ones is just par solace.  

One-Tree Hammock

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 33

Twist to the centuries old hammock style with only one suspension point. The Satala is an example of single leg support from a tree, wall or post. The advantage of this is there are no strings to tangle while getting in or out. This galvanized metal designed by Ayala Serfaty who was inspired by a mother rocking her baby to sleep.

You can also DIY by digging a 3 foot deep hole in ground if you don't have perfectly spaced trees. Level the dig with stone, put the post and pour premixed concrete. Leave it for a few days to settle and become sturdy. Use a screwdriver to place the hardware part in post to hang the hammock, make sure it is perfect height to get off the ground.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 34

Hanging Chair Hammock

Sit back, put your feet up, rest your head on the pillow and sip your favorite drink in the sun as you lounge in this comfort-conscious hammock chair. This comfortable hammock is built to last for years. Relax outside and enjoy the fresh air. It gives comfort with its high back to give hammock-like support while you sit upright. It's made of durable weather resistant 600D nylon, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Chair is made to last from heavy-duty polyester material so it will be beautiful for years to come and features an integrated pillow for the ultimate floating comfort and has overall dimensions: 24 x 16 x 29 inches. Stainless steel hardware and heavy gauge, braided polyester rope, provide the support for the swinger. Hardwood dowels are treated with Tung Oil for longevity. Each chair includes two s-hooks and 1-eye bolt so all you have to do is assemble, hang and relax in the comfort of the chair. Available at eBay with 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Trillium Hammock

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 35

The Trillium hammock means that you're set up options are almost unlimited. Stack 1, 2 or 3 under your tent to create the multifloor outdoor living environments. It is the solution to the growing camping density problem, taking it to high rise. Trillium hammocks can be used to add sleeping space for additional number of fellow campers or simply to expand the space of your tree tent for extra gear, shoes, dogs and wet stuff.

Just find three trees, rig it up, and enjoy all the benefits of being suspended above the forest floor. Available in green fabric or black mesh the Trillium hammock is reinforced by over 20 meters of seatbelt and secured via heavy duty ratchets and webbing. It measures 15' x 15' x 15'. This can become a focal point of your crew and a true slackliners nirvana.

Corporate Hammock Hangouts

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 36

When designing an ideal workspace, the notion of including a hammock probably ranks high as a desired feature and that's exactly what Strada has provided for the Google Pittsburgh office. But Strada wasn't satisfied with giving the search engine mega company any run-of-the-mill hammock, hangs from the second floor and is large enough to hold entire departments. Those worried about the hammock breaking will be happy to know there's a net underneath to protect workers from falling. Not a shabby place to do all of your computer programming for the day.

Corporate Hammock Hangouts is the best choice for use in workspace as it is counted like an advanced and extra feature for your employees in their office environment. This type of hammock can be used in big company where a number of employees work together. It has a high weight capability to give comfort to the maximum number of people at a time. It is also called a Giant Hammock.   

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 37

Foldable Hammock

They are also known as DIY hammocks, as the name suggests they are easy to fold and move with just three simple tricks to fold, pick and port. Ideal for camping, hiking and pool side. It is light weight with the advantage of being one piece frame easy to open and locks fast with no lost parts to look for!

Foldable hammocks, perfect for when you want to travel but don't have that much space in your luggage, but still want to relax in your own hammock. There are ones that have extra material included, so that you can use it as a blanket for cold nights.

Hang, Swing & Relax With Hammocks Anywhere You Want To-Outdoors Or Indoors image 38

Poolside Daybed

The Alicante Daybed gently cradles you to sleep and sets your mind, body and spirit free. Catch a mid-day nap on these outdoor patio daybeds allowing fresh air while discovering the natural beauty and allure.

Modern waterproof design made of rattan and outdoor wicker, it's a sun lounger allowing you to spread arms and legs and plop down on a comfy spot. They can accommodate for group seating, can be used as backyard daybed in swimming pool area, hotels, garden, balcony and restaurant.

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