Home appliances play a significant role in maintaining a comfortable and luxurious living standard of the individual. They have occupied an essential place in the life of every common man. Various types of appliances are used by people for easy and convenient living. People enjoy both comfort and luxury with such appliances at home in their fast and furious life. In today’s world of advanced technology, the most essential thing that people keep in their mind before purchasing any household appliance is that it should be highly energy efficient and consumes less electricity.

One of the leading consumer appliances manufacturing company in India is Haier India which is completely the subsidiary branch of Haier Group. Haier is a brand name for the production of consumer appliances across the world. Not only this, they are also considered to be the no. 1 brand for consumer appliances in the world by Euro monitor International. It is basically a Chinese based multinational company having international acclamation.

The initiation of the operation of the company in India took place in the year 2004 in the month of January. Since then they have been able to influence the living standards of huge user base and has successfully completed its 10 years. They are generally known for their innovative and wide ranging products which meet out all the requirements of the individuals. While using the products and appliances of Haier at your home, you will find a combination of intelligent and smart technology along with innovation in all their products.

Particularly talking about the distinctive products of Haier, they deal with all types of household consumer products like Air conditioners, Washing Machines, Televisions, Refrigerators, Water heaters, Microwave ovens and many more. Apart from these consumer goods, they also manufacture certain commercial products which include commercial Air conditioners, Bio medical and commercial freezers. All these electronic appliances of Haier bring out the best example of smart and innovative technology and people will definitely experience a feel of freshness and novelty while using these appliances.

Haier has gained popularity because of its numerous innovations. Some of the well known innovations that have been experimented by the technical professional team of Haier in their appliances include:
  • The major experiments with the revolutionary technology of bottom mount in the refrigerators.
  • Haier also introduced the most patent technology of Double Drive in their exclusive range of washing machines.
  • The credit of introducing the technology of motion gaming in the LCDs also goes to Haier.
  • Another significant technology of near Zero pressure for the washing machines was also introduced by Haier.
  • Invention of triple door refrigerators having smart space is also counted in the achievements of Haier.
  • They also introduced the technology of Safe care in their water heaters recently so that the people can enjoy a shockproof experience of bathing.
Apart from these innovations there services are also praise worthy. They provide proper assistance to their customers through the service of Dr. Fido with the help of which in hand solutions can be availed by the customers of any minute problem through one to one chat with the technicians. Apart from all this, there are various certifications and awards that have been won by Haier in its consequently running 10 years of experience. They are continuously establishing various key milestones in their achievement.

They solely believe in the principle of customer being the major source of growth, with the help of which they have been able to achieve such greater heights. Thus celebrate intelligent innovation and smart technology by purchasing the products of Haier.

Haier Tops "Most Potential Chinese Brands

  • April,1992, the first in China to get ISO9001
  • Aug.,1996, the first in China to get ISO14001
  • All the Cooling products sold in European market have CE and GS certification
  • Recognition

    • Ranked 86th among the world's 500 Most Influential Brands by world Brand Lab in 2006. Only Chinese brand to be ranked in top 100 for three consecutive years
    • Ranked 1st among Chinese brands with the most potential by Glebors Global Financial Reports of Canada, 2006
    • Ranked 1st among China's Top 10 Global Brands by the Financial Times in 2005
    • Ranked 1st among China's Top 10 Global Brands by China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (CSBTS) for refrigerators and washing machines in 2005
    • CEO Zhang Ruimin ranked 26th among World's Most Respected Business Leaders by the Financial Times in 2005
    • CEO Zhang Ruimin ranked 6th among Asia's 25 Most Powerful People in Business by Fortune magazine in 2004
    • Received a World Climate Award from the United Nations Development Program and the US Environment Protection Administration in 2000 As per Euro-monitor International (the global leader in consumer market strategy research) survey 2011
    • Haier is the number one Major Appliance brand in the world with a 7.8% retail volume share in 2011 marking the third consecutive year Haier has been given this honor.