GREENPLAST INDIA aspires to be a leading manufacturer & provider of a wide range of custom-made engineered uPVC window and door solutions specializing in design, installation and excellent service. Windows have long been used in buildings for day lighting and ventilation.

Besides providing ventilation and access to natural light the window in today’s world is also expected to provide protection from all weather conditions viz. monsoon, dust, wind, and also keep noise away.

In today’s world of Green Constructions it is but natural that windows are also looked at to contribute to saving energy and environment.

To provide better home solutions, GREENPLAST INDIA in association with KOMMERLING, German Technology and Profile Partner, has now manufacturing modern age uPVC Doors and Windows specifically crafted for the Indian consumer. With the introduction of this technology, doors and windows are no longer hand crafted by carpenters but are scientifically produced in electronically controlled sophisticated manufacturing facilities.

Greenplast Windows & Doors System is a product of GREENPLAST INDIA, which is a part of JB GROUP.

JB GROUP began its journey in the year 1958 by establishing an oil mill which produced groundnut oil under the leadership of Late Shri Jagdish Prasad Agarwal in Sitapur, district of Uttar Pradesh. This establishment was landmark achievement of its time. Since then it has never looked back and has made great strides ahead towards achievement of industrial excellence. The group over the period of 50 years transformed itself into a diversified conglomerate with presence in agro & food processing, paper, sugar industry, plywood and retailing of petrochemicals, fertilizer and cement. As a matter of group’s policy to march ahead with time, established manufacturing unit of uPVC windows & doors with state-of-art technology in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh.


Greenplast windows and doors manufactured with uPVC, as a substitute, are best alternative for wood and aluminium because of their features like high structural strength, high energy efficient, lightweight, recyclable, termite proof, washable, dust proof, sound proof, corrosion and UV resistant. The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proved for almost 40 years.

Together with Kommerling, German Technology & Profile Partner, Greenplast window systems are designed as per Indian tropical conditions. Koemmerling is the brand with a tradition within the Profine Group, having started the extrusion of window profiles since 1967. Besides aesthetic viewpoints, these include peak technical & physical performance values and an extremely long life while at the same time requiring minimum care and maintenance.


"To become a global business powerhouse and to remain as the dominant market leader of agro & food processing in India and to avail the opportunities to diversify into other businesses, synergy with its competencies to maximize satisfaction of its stakeholders."


"To be a diversified business house leveraging the competitive advantages offered by its internal resource portfolio and competencies, inculcating best management practices based on efficiency, TQM concepts and trust."


Greenplast has a well equipped Design and Technical team that manufactures custom windows and custom doors for you.

It focuses on customer needs and designs products accordingly. The expertise of the Design team helps to design products around the unique Indian requirements. These include design preferences, climatic conditions and tastes

Site Study

Before undertaking any project, we with our experience of work study and survey the site so that we can conclude the size and designs. Measurement work at site helps us avoiding the possibility of mismatch between the aperture and window or door.

The openings will be ready for measurements after:

  • Complete plastering
  • Complete tiling / laying of stones (if any on window sills)
  • First coat of paint


A proprietary project management keeps regular track of construction to align windows installation in real time to prevent any delays.

Manufacture & Installation

High output technology- driven machines forms the backbone of the fabrication plant.

Correct installation is critical to ensure optimum performance of any product.

Old civil practices with wooden windows require windows frames to be installed in the beginning or during the civil work. However, in the case of Greenplast, the complete window comes as one unit and is fitted after all civil work is over.

The correct stage for installation of Greenplast is just before the last coat of paint. The site should be clear of unnecessary material like cement, scaffolding to avoid damage to the windows.

Steps in the Installation Process

  • Site survey: the measurement of each aperture by experts. This information is used to make technical drawings of each window design using sophisticated CAD software.
  • These drawings are sent to the fabrication unit with instructions for manufacture.
  • The finished windows are dispatched to your site on the appointed date, ready for installation.
The Installation Process
  • The windows are fixed in each aperture with anchor fasteners
  • Gaps between the masonry and the frame are filled with high grade silicone and an acrylic sealant
  • Each window is tested and certified for operation
  • Each window is cleaned thoroughly
  • The debris is cleared and the site restored to its original state

After Sales Service

If there is any requisite of our assistance after the sales, we are always ready to provide our services to solve out your problems. There is a less possibility of any trouble, but if it happens, it will be our pleasure to provide our services.