Greenleaf Green Solutions

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No. 3, 4th Floor, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560030

Greenleaf Green Solutions offers specialized advisory and consulting services in the energy and environment sectors. With the global focus shifting to sustainable and responsible development, Greenleaf recognizes the need for sustainability-centric energy projects and ventures and delivers unique strategies specifically designed to suit individual organizations technological, financial and in- house objective requirements. Greenleaf provides best in class advisory and consultancy services for organizations in a variety of sectors including the green investment markets.

Greenleaf offers a comprehensive range of advisory and consulting services in the fields of energy and sustainable development. Greenleaf also places emphasis on international co-operation and provides financial services in the form of green investment advisory, market analysis and target specific report generation. Auditing, Management, and Environmental services are provided as part of our energy advisory and consultancy services with footprinting, reduction stratagem, neutralization and offsetting among our range of carbon and environment related solutions.

The global Green technology and services business is rapidly expanding with massive investment opportunities and similarly large returns. We offer business and investment consulting services in emerging energy and green technology ventures that not only make sound business sense but are also aligned with individual organizations vision and objectives, thus aiding businesses and organizations to contribute further towards environmental sustainability while solidifying their position in the international market. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated professionals who make it a point to ensure that you get stable and quality investment advice.

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