The Green Earth Culture is a renowned name and does not needs any special recognition. An international agency started an activity to plant the bamboo trees in the villages near Allahabad. This was done because the uncontrolled mining of soil had resulted into the infertile land due to which the villagers were compelled to migrate to other places. After 5 years of hard work on the land, it started responding to the plants of bamboo and the soil again became fertile and green. In this way, bamboo became the major source of business and the villagers became enabling to plant many other crops for trading and food also. In this way, the Green Earth Culture was inspired by the activity which was termed as Greening of Red Earth.

However, the company’s expertise and experience was challenged by the use of natural material in their inimitable form by the rural spaces. In order to design the home stays for the inhabitants of rural spaces, the company found out the new and innovative method of respecting the nature and learning to work with the unusual materials. In this context, they learnt and understood the customs of skilled artisans and their creative art and craft. During this journey, they came across a program dedicated to the prospects of employment with bamboo to provide villagers a continued livelihood and this program was being run by an NGO.

Since, after working very hard for 7 years on a huge number of bamboo products, the Green Earth Culture was initiated to cater the best in class pre-engineered cottages, gazebos, villages, pool bars, spas, fencings, gateways and much more made up of bamboo. The company teamed up a designer, a l media professional and a Kaizan Expert in order to start the new business enterprise. Further, this team extended into a number of highly certified and well-versed engineers, managers for factory and sites, incomparably skilled craftsmen who are habitual in crafting the graceful bamboo shelters into unusual villas and furniture such as fencings, gateways, railings, and bridges of unmatched quality.


To promote and propagate the usage of green products and architecture, in everyday urban living.


To bridge the gap between Rural supply & Urban demands with products made of high quality rural crafting skills, to the urban consumer yearning refined Eco-Friendly Bamboo products.


  • Empowering artisans and the rural economy
  • Promoting the usage of 'green' material
  • A completely customer driven approach
  • Fair trade practices at every level. Our motto is 'profit for all'.
  • A passion for excellence
  • Goals Mission & Objectives

    Bamboo Construction

    The core and primary focus of the company is bamboo construction. The customized deigns of villas, modular cottages, and lots more are manufactured to satisfy and meet the expectations of their clientele. They keep in mind the specifications of their clients while designing and manufacturing the bamboo products. They have introduced the amalgamated structure of bamboo, timber, jute, coir and cane. The detailing in the bamboo shelters are redefined with the exotic finishing which is their specialty as well. In addition to the wide range of products, the company also includes the gazebos, pavilions, day beds, exquisite spas etc. 

    Green Veneer

    CHIVA, which is a handcrafted bamboo veneer, is completely a green product and treated with the organic preservatives. They are colored with natural dyes and local crafts women weave them.  The interior of the CHIVA can complement the environment whereas the exterior grades veneers are also under processing and will soon be introduced. 

    Fair Trade Practices

    The company believes in ensuring the financial stability of their crafts men and women. The good quality of raw materials is determined by the pre-processed material in accordance with their standards of business and trade. They changed the financial models of their workers from Rs. per day to Rs. per unit that results into the more dedicated and innovative work from them.  

    "Quality for a Price"

    The company's visions are to encourage the cultures and traditions of bamboo and to proffer the products who are not contributing to the global warming as well. The company strives to fill the lag between the rural and urban demands. The Incorporation of the Kaizan techniques in their manufacturing process, they are now capable to provide the customer centric and dedicated management along with the quality and timely delivery of the products are their prime objectives.